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Date: Feb 2, 2024
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Topps has produced some of the most memorable collectibles in the sports and entertainment cards realm for more than seven decades, from the days of Mickey Mantle to modern icons like Ronald Acuña Jr and Victor Wembanyama. Topps has firmly cemented its legacy as the tastemaker of the trading card world. As we enter 2024, the brand continues to evolve, offering collectors and enthusiasts a dazzling array of new releases destined to leave a lasting mark. So buckle up and check out our list of the notable product releases dropping in 2024.

Top Product Releases of ’24

Top Product Releases of 2024

Baseball: 2024 Topps Series 1

Topps’ flagship product returns in 2024 with reigning NL MVP Ronald Acuña Jr. as this year’s cover star. Acua’s well-deserved cover appearance follows a historic campaign when he became the first player in MLB history to smash 40 homers and swipe 70 bases in a single season. Packed to the brim with brand-new inserts like Superstar Blueprint, 2023 Greatest Hits, and a nostalgic nod to the beloved 1989 Topps Baseball, there’s something to tickle every collector’s fancy in this year’s Series 1 product. It also features the fan-favorite Golden Mirror Image variations are back, adorning all 350 base cards with fresh images and dazzling gold card backs autograph and autograph relic cards, showcasing the signatures and relics of Current Stars, Greats from the Past, and the most promising Rising Rookies. Hobby Jumbo Box enthusiasts also have the opportunity to discover three hits, including at least one Autograph card, in each box. Even if you opt for the standard hobby box, fear not—you’re guaranteed to score an autograph or relic card in every box.

UFC: 2024 Knockout UFC

The revival of the Knockout UFC brand is an eagerly awaited moment for devoted UFC collectors as Topps returns to UFC products after a three-year hiatus. This release promises to be monumental, and collectors have much to be excited about, including features from the old program like AKA Ink. The collection introduces From the Rafters Autograph Booklets, where single fighter booklets span both panels, with an enticing image on the left and a prized autograph on the right. Fans can also anticipate the Dual Autograph Jumbo Relic Booklets and Autograph Jumbo Fight Mat Relics, featuring oversized event-used fight mats, creating a unique and authentic connection to the octagon action.

Top Product Releases of 2024

Basketball: 2024 Bowman University’s Best Basketball

Bowman U Best Basketball marks a historic shift, being the very first release within the Bowman U Best series to exclusively showcase NIL prospects from the basketball world and bidding adieu to its multi-sport platform. Designed with the avid hoops collector in mind, this product promises cards spotlighting the next wave of NBA prospects. What sets it apart is the premium selection of Chrome® cards and exclusive numbered content, elevating the collecting experience. For those seeking the pinnacle, Bowman U Best offers the chance to snag relic autographs from the cream of the crop among NIL Basketball prospects. Don’t blink; you might miss Super Short Print Inserts like Let’s Go, Mirror Image Fusion, and Flight Club. Happy Hunting!

Football: 2024 Topps Collegiate Royalty

College football takes center stage in 2024 Topps Collegiate Royalty, presenting a dynamic mix of 2024 draft picks, seasoned veterans, and beloved retired players, all proudly donning their collegiate football uniforms. In a collector’s dream come true, this set features Rookie Debut Patch Autographs, each numbered to 99 or less, alongside cut signatures, dual autos, and on-card autos from some of college football’s brightest. It’s a must-have for college football enthusiasts, spotlighting the game’s brightest talents before they make their mark on Sundays.

Soccer: 2022-23 Topps Dynasty UCL

Soccer fans had to wait a little, but the highly-anticipated 2022-23 Topps Dynasty UCL release hits shelves this year. This ultra-high-end soccer offering from Topps marks its debut in the super-premium soccer segment, featuring an unprecedented collection of 100% on-card autographs and match-worn relics. Its deep and diverse checklist also sets this release apart, making it one of the most comprehensive high-end soccer products to date. 

F1: 2023 Topps Chrome F1

The 2023 Topps Chrome F1 collection is gearing up for an adrenaline-fueled ride! Topps rounded up the crème de la crème from both the F1 and F2 circuits, and here’s the kicker: they’ve resurrected some legendary racers from the archives. We’re talking Formula 1 royalty, like Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost, shining brilliantly in a mesmerizing array of parallels. But that’s not all. They’ve injected some fresh blood into the mix with exciting rookies such as Oscar Piastri and Logan Sargeant. This product is stacked with sought-after parallels and one-of-a-kind inserts that’ll make your heart race! From the sleek Camber and Autos of 1977 to the enigmatic Futuro, F1 Armor, and Turn Up the Lights subsets, it’s a chase that promises pure exhilaration!

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