Top 1st Bowmans of 2023

Date: Dec 22, 2023
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1st Bowman Cards to Collect

On this round of Ripped Unwrapped, we’re unwrapping the top 1st Bowman cards from 2023. These golden tickets are glimpses into the early chapters of what could be the next G.O.A.T.’s journeys. It’s like prospecting for treasure, where collectors act as modern-day explorers, searching for the next baseball, basketball, or football stars before they hit the Big Leagues. Like scouts with binoculars trained on the horizon, we’re here to unveil the prospects whose 1st Bowman cards generated the most excitement.

Top 1st Bowman's of 2023

2023 Bowman Draft #BD-14 Paul Skenes 1st Bowman

Skenes headlined the Bowman Draft product after a stellar collegiate career in which he won National Player of the Year and spearheaded LSU to a national title in 2023. The MLB Draft’s top selection has an extremely bright future. Baseball expert Aram Leighton said, “Skenes overpowers hitters with a triple-digit fastball, wipeout slider, and underrated changeup. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 draft, Skenes is a physical specimen, standing at a towering 6-foot-6, 250 pounds. It’s rare to find a pitcher as big and powerful as Skenes.” His prospect card should someday power the pockets of its collectors.

Top 1st Bowman's of 2023

2023 Bowman U Chrome #16 Shedeur Sanders 1st Bowman Auto

The Millionaire Speedy Bag in the Louis Vuitton luggage Deion Sanders brought to Boulder, Shedeur flourished in 2023, becoming one of college sports’ 10 most profitable NIL athletes, claiming his 1st Bowman and validating the hype that came along with the arrival in Colorado with a dazzling year. Despite the Buffaloes’ struggles, which could be expected in the first year of a new regime, the young Sanders topped 3,000 passing yards and fired 27 touchdowns with only three interceptions. Sanders should make a second appearance in Bowman U as he returns to college next year.

Top 1st Bowman's of 2023

2022-23 Bowman U Chrome #101 Victor Wembanyama 1st Bowman Auto

We’ve talked about Wemby in the majority of our Unwrapped pieces, thus far. So we won’t bombard the people with the same information ad nauseam. But we will say this. The 2022-23 Bowman U Chrome #101 Victor Wembanyama 1st Bowman Auto is San Antonio’s top selection’s first official autographed card. This is history, friends.

Top 1st Bowman's of 2023

 2023 Bowman Chrome┬« Prospects #BCP-171 Ethan Salas

Salas topped our 2023 Chrome┬« Prospects Top Prospects list and we couldn’t leave him off the Unwrapped one either. The young stud signed for $5.6 million with the Padres and has flown up the Minor League ranks. At 17, he may be a few years away from his Major League debut. But it definitely doesn’t hurt to invest in his future now.

2022-23 Bowman U Chrome #50 Caitlin Clark Auto

Clark debuted in Bowman U this year and also became the first Division 1 player to top 3,000 points, 750 rebounds and 750 assists in a career. Her place on this list is undisputed, and we chronicled her road to 3K, here.

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