Mickey Mantle RCs & More, Pt. 1

Date: Jan 12, 2024
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The Mick’s Cards to Collect

Mickey Mantle is a name synonymous with baseball greatness. Long after his playing career, the Yankees’ legend continues to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike with his iconic trading cards. These cherished pieces have become symbols of the Golden Age of baseball and a testament to a legacy that culminated in a Hall of Fame spot and movies about his career, including 61. From his early start with the New York Yankees to his legendary switch-hitting prowess, Mantle’s cards have transcended mere collectibles, becoming arguably the most coveted in the space. In this list, we’re looking at the top Mickey Mantle cards, with some commanding prices reaching the millions.

Mickey Mantle Cards #s 10-6

10: 1952 Berk Ross Mickey Mantle

Berk Ross’ foray into the trading card game lasted a mere two years (1951-52), with several players suing the company because their cards were probably unlicensed. Despite the flameout, the small company using trading cards to primarily promote popcorn dropped this masterpiece of a Mickey Mantle card before its demise. There are only 345 PSA-graded 1952 Berk Ross Mickey Mantle’s, with one graded at an 8.5, selling for a whopping $168,000. Scarcity plays a factor in its price, but this is a valuable card of one of baseball’s greatest players produced by a company that’s now extinct. Quite legendary.

9: 1957 Topps #95 Mickey Mantle

The allure of the 1957 Topps Mickey Mantle #95 card lies not only in the iconic Mickey Mantle image but also in the mysterious “Ghost of Babe Ruth” subtly lingering in the background. This elusive figure, speculated to be a ‘photoshopped’ maintenance worker, is a cryptic presence that adds an extra layer of fascination to the card. With that said, a 1957 Topps #95 Mickey Mantle sold for a whopping $180k in 2021. The allure is real!

8: 1953 Bowman Color #59 Mickey Mantle

Before Bowman and Topps became one, they were rivals, fighting for supremacy in the trading card world. In response to Topps’ dominance, Bowman released cards with color photographs, becoming the first company to do so. The 1953 Bowman Color #59 Mickey Mantle is a byproduct of the very first set in color, and a PSA graded at 9 went for $294,000. This is history!

7: 1954 Bowman #65 Mickey Mantle

For two years, Mickey Mantle was absent from Topps products, with one of those years being 1954. However, the Hall of Famer made a noteworthy appearance in a Bowman product, his million-dollar smile showcased in the colorized card above. In December 2022, a PSA graded at 9 sold for an impressive $294,000, setting the standard for any others that may come onto the market, with similar pricing expectations.

6: 1955 Bowman #202 Mickey Mantle

The 1955 Bowman set flaunts a groovy and unique design. Imagine a color photo framed within a simulated TV screen border labeled “Color TV.” It’s a time capsule capturing the rise of televised baseball and the explosion of color television in 1955. On the front, you’ll find a slick white strip with the player’s name in bold black. A PSA graded 9 of the Bowman Mickey Mantle #202 card dropped the mic at a cool $342,000. The revolution was for sure televised.

Mickey Mantle RCs & More Pt. 2

Mickey Mantle RCs & More, Pt. 2

Mantle’s Cards to Collect

Date: Jan 12, 2024
Topics: Baseball, How To Collect, Mickey Mantle
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