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Top Cards of One of the Greats

Date: Jun 18, 2024
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As a larger-than-life presence in baseball and popular culture, Satchel Paige’s cards are prized by collectors throughout The Hobby. From his early days with the Kansas City Monarchs to his groundbreaking tenure with the Cleveland Indians, Paige was always the best pitcher, player, and showman on the diamond. For fans and collectors alike, building a collection of Satchel Paige baseball cards is a rewarding endeavor that honors the legacy of an iconic athlete, and creates a showstopping PC.

To celebrate the stunning, Micah Johnson artwork of the 2024 Topps MLB at Rickwood – Negro League Collection cards, here are some of the best Satchel Paige cards to collect.

Top Satchel Paige Cards to Collect

2024 Topps MLB at Rickwood Negro League Collection Card #RW-1 Satchel Paige

Player Info

• Led the KC Monarchs to a Negro Leagues World championship in 1942

set info

• One of Six 2024 Topps MLB at Rickwood – Negro Leagues collection card
• All cards in this set designed by artist, and former MLB player, Micah johnson

Back of the card

• The set commemorates the 2024 MLB regular season game played at Rickwood field, 6/20

1953 Topps Baseball #220 Satchell Paige

Player Info

• Paige was voted an all-Star in ’52 and ’53 as a member of the St. Louis Browns

set info

• Part of the Classic 1953 Topps set
•Last Mainstream Paige card till the 1960s
• First Paige Card for Topps

Back of the card

• Collector Favorite Because of Set, Spelling Error, and Paige’s legacy

1949 Bowman #224 Leroy “Satchell” Paige

Player Info

• Paige’s Negro Leagues career began in the late 1920s.

Set Info

• Only True Trading Card from His 1949 Season
• Considered his RC alongside his 1948 Leaf Card

Back of the card

• “His exact age is unknown, but he’s been in baseball for many years.”

1967 Venezuela Topps Retirado #177 Satchel Paige

Player Info

• Paige pitched 3 scoreless innings in 1965 for his last big league appearance

Set Info

• Final Topps Card Tied to Paige’s Active career
• Venezuela Set Issued for Growing South American Baseball Market

Back of Card

• Lists his date of birth as July 7, 1906 in Mobile, Alabama

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