Bob Gibson’s Bowman RetroFractor, Best RC & More, Pt. 1

Bob Gibson’s Top Cards to Collect

Date: May 3, 2024
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Bob Gibson’s impact on baseball is undeniable, as he solidified his place among the sport’s all-time greats through his unparalleled skill and competitive spirit. Over his illustrious career, Gibson amassed a staggering list of achievements, including two Cy Young Awards, nine All-Star selections, and two World Series MVP titles. Renowned for his dominance on the mound, Gibson boasted a career ERA of 2.91 and an impressive 3,117 strikeouts. As we delve into his journey and highlight his top rookie cards and more, including the highly anticipated release of his 2024 Bowman RetroFractor, we pay homage to the enduring legacy of a true baseball legend.

Bob Gibson’s Top Cards

Bob Gibson Cards

2024 Bowman Baseball #BCP-152 Bob Gibson Chrome RetroFractors /50

Retrofractors make their debut in the core Bowman release featuring legendary retired players who have never received their 1st Bowman card. This year’s set is Bob Gibson and Pete Rose. Make some noise for the Bob Gibson card above! It’s a beauty, isn’t it?

Bob Gibson Cards

1975 Topps #150 Bob Gibson

Gibson’s playing days ended following the 1975 season. That alone makes the 1975 Topps #150 Bob Gibson iconic, as it’s his last card from his playing days. At the time of his retirement, the Hall of Famer held the National League mark for strikeouts (3,117) and currently ranks 16th of all time.

Bob Gibson Cards

1971 Topps #450 Bob Gibson

With the 1971 Topps set, in-game action photos became the main style for trading cards. And boy, is this 1971 Topps #450 Bob Gibson card beautiful. Look at Gibson preparing to get busy and fan another of his helpless foes. Busch Stadium looked electric. It’s a timeless classic.

Bob Gibson Cards

1968 Topps #154 Bob Gibson

We didn’t say the 1971 set produced the first action shots; it was the first set featuring action shots as a player’s main card for the first time. The 1968 Topps #154 also features another action shot, specifically from Gibson’s dominant performance in Game 4 of the Cardinals’ 1967 World Series tilt with the Red Sox. Gibson was En Fuego during that outing, pitching a shutout, and the Cards went on to win the World Series.

Bob Gibson Cards

1970 Kellogg’s 3-D Super Stars #71 Bob Gibson

Kellogg’s entered the baseball card world in 1970, releasing 3-D card sets each year for the next 14 years. The 1970 set and 1970 Kellogg’s 3-D Super Stars #71 Bob Gibson represent an iconic foray into The Hobby. Just imagine the joy of grabbing a box of cereal and having a card from your favorite player comes with it.

Bob Gibson’s Bowman RetroFractor, Best RC & More, Pt. 2

Bob Gibson’s Bowman RetroFractor, RC & More, Pt. 2

Top Bob Gibson Cards

Date: May 3, 2024
Topics: 2024 Bowman Baseball, Baseball, Bob Gibson, MLB, Retrofractor, Rookie Cards
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