Bob Gibson’s Bowman RetroFractor, RC & More, Pt. 2

Bob Gibson’s Top Cards to Collect

Date: May 3, 2024
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Bob Gibson’s impact on baseball is undeniable, as he solidified his place among the sport’s all-time greats through his unparalleled skill and competitive spirit. Over his illustrious career, Gibson amassed a staggering list of achievements, including two Cy Young Awards, nine All-Star selections, and two World Series MVP titles. Renowned for his dominance on the mound, Gibson boasted a career ERA of 2.91 and an impressive 3,117 strikeouts. As we delve into his journey and highlight his top rookie cards and more, including the highly anticipated release of his 2024 Bowman Baseball RetroFractor, we pay homage to the enduring legacy of a true baseball legend.

Bob Gibson’s Top Cards

Bob Gibson Cards

1963 Topps #415 Bob Gibson

The back of the 1963 Topps #415 Bob Gibson throws some slight shade toward the Hall of Famer, as it features a cartoon of him throwing a wild pitch to his catcher, noting that he led the league in walks in 1961. The 1961 season would be the first and only season he would lead the league in walks, and guess what Gibson turned into? A Hall of Famer.

Bob Gibson Cards

1962 Topps #530 Bob Gibson

The 1962 season was magical for Gibson, who earned his first National League All-Star selection and posted an ERA under 3.00 for the first time in his career. The 1962 Topps #530 is actually a short print, making it almost as rare as Mr. Clean® with hair. That alone increases its value. Happy Hunting!

Bob Gibson Cards

1961 Topps #211 Bob Gibson

As noted in the card above, Gibson didn’t make his first All-Star Game until 1962. He did, however, notch his first winning season in 1961. The 1961 Topps #211 Bob Gibson is one of “Hoot’s” most valuable and earliest cards.

Bob Gibson Cards

1960 Topps #73 Bob Gibson

The 1960 Topps #73 Bob Gibson is Gibson’s second card under the Topps brand and one of his most valuable. It offers a double dose of Gibson, which we can’t help but enjoy. Happy Hunting!

Bob Gibson Cards

1959 Topps #514 Bob Gibson

Here we have it! Gibson’s rookie card, 1959 Topps #514 Bob Gibson, is easily his most valuable and one of the most aesthetically pleasing. The cotton candy pink background really sets things off, and a PSA 10 has sold for as much as six figures. It’s actually one of the most valuable cards of the 1950s. Happy Hunting!

Bob Gibson’s Bowman RetroFractor, RC & More, Pt. 1

Bob Gibson’s Bowman RetroFractor, Best RC & More, Pt. 1

Top Bob Gibson Cards

Date: May 3, 2024
Topics: 2024 Bowman Baseball, Baseball, MLB Bob Gibson, Rookie Cards
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