How to Collect: Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving

Top GPK Thanksgiving Cards to Collect

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving. A day when sports take over our televisions, the euphoric “itis” consumes our bodies, catalyzing the best sleep known to man, malls are packed with shoppers scrambling to capture Black Friday deals, and leftovers are relished as if they’ve just come out of the oven. So, of course, we had to continue partaking in the Thanksgiving mania. And what better way to do it than by showcasing some of the top Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving cards?

Date: Nov 24, 2023
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2016 Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving #2A Pardoned Parker

Garbage Pail Kids cards fearlessly embrace the gruesome, and the tables are unmistakably turned on this Pardoned Parker card. Instead of playing its usual role as the hunted, the turkey finally seized control, exacting revenge on the Pilgrim who once made it a Thanksgiving staple. This card symbolizes rebellion in all its glory.

Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving

2016 Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving Sticker Black Frye Day

GPK’s spin on Black Friday is actually spot on. Black Friday is an experience that sometimes produces brawls that make the rounds on social media, spreading like an Eagle’s wings. Most of us have probably gone out searching for deals the day after Thanksgiving and faced the mall’s madhouse. It can be a huge hit or an absolute chaotic miss. At this point, we suggest focusing on Cyber Monday Deals.

Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving

2017 Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving #5A Gary Gravy

Sorry, but this is one of the funnier kids floating around the market. We’re not exactly about the cup’s worries, but Gravy is a Thanksgiving essential, and the cup needs to do its job happily. The goodness has to be savored. With that said, if you’re making Gravy for Thanksgiving, make sure your roux is done right. Very important.

Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving

2015 Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving #2A Phil Grim

Garbage Pail Kids turns the tables again, yet Turkey’s feasting on the Pilgrim this time. The fact that these slices look precisely like a holiday ham is a testament to the artistry and creativity in this set. Well done.

Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving

2016 Garbage Pail Kids Thanksgiving #4A TryptoFran

Through our frenemies at Google, we learned that Tryptophan is an amino acid in Turkey that makes you sleep. So credit that for the beauty rest provided from the “itis.” Also, a salute to GPK for the play on words. Tryptophan and TryptoFran? Perfect!

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