Corbin Carroll RCs & More, Pt. 1

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Date: Nov 1, 2023
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When Corbin Carroll approaches the plate, Travis Scott’s “Overdue” blasts from the Diamondbacks’ Chase Field speakers. Quite fitting, as the rookie’s led a Diamondbacks squad on an overdue trip to the World Series, a place they hadn’t been since they won it with Louis Gonzalez and a band of ballers in 2001. While Carroll, the franchise’s first rook to start the All-Star Game, has put forth a Rookie of the Year-type campaign, the value of his trading cards continues to skyrocket. Let’s look at the Seattle native and superstar’s best rookie cards.

Corbin Carroll RCs & More #s 10-6

Corbin Carroll Rookie Cards

10: 2023 MLB TOPPS NOW® #1040 Youngest Since Cobb with 3-Hit, 2-SB Postseason Game

Racking up stats during the regular season is one thing. But keeping it rollin’ when the lights shine brightest? That’s what makes players legendary. During Arizona’s 4-2 win in the decisive Game 7 of its 2023 NLCS series with Philadelphia, Carroll put himself in a special class by becoming the youngest player (23) with a three-hit, two-stolen base game in the postseason since a 21-year-old Ty Cobb accomplished the feat in the 1908 World Series. “We won this game tonight because of Corbin,” said general manager Mike Hazen. “He’s the player we thought he was gonna be.” Seems like Carroll can hang with the big dogs.

Corbin Carroll Rookie Cards

9: 2023 Topps Series 2 Base #ARI-16 Corbin Carroll Golden Mirror SSP

In the 2023 Series 1 set from Topps, there’s an exciting addition called the Golden Mirror SSP Base Variations for every player featured in the checklist. Hence Carroll’s SSP variation, which has become a significant chase card in this product. It might even surpass his non-autographed rookie cards in terms of desirability this year. They’re currently going for top $ on eBay.

Corbin Carroll Rookie Cards

8: 2023 Topps Allen & Ginter Corbin Carroll Auto Game-Used Relic

Carroll made a splash on the trading card scene in 2023, earning his debut in Topps’ coveted Allen & Ginter product. The card above isn’t just his regular Allen & Ginter joint either. Here, we have both a sticker auto and game-used relic. Those two things alone up the price on this precious Carroll gem.

Corbin Carroll Rookie Cards

7: 2018 Bowman Draft Under Armour All-American #UAA5 Corbin Carroll

Even before hearing his name called in the 2019 draft, Carroll made rounds on the card circuit, with over 100 cards to his name. Bowman jumped on the bandwagon, producing the 2018 Bowman Draft Under Armour All-American #UAA5 Corbin Carroll, which may or may not be his earliest auto. Either way, it’s a home run card of the kid in his teenage years. Happy Hunting!

Corbin Carroll Rookie Cards

6: 2023 Topps Update Corbin Carroll -All Star Stitches Auto Relic/10

The fact that the 2023 Topps Update Corbin Carroll -All-Star Stitches Auto Relic/10 ranks sixth should tell you how loaded this list is. Carroll not only became the first Diamondbacks player to start the All-Star Game in his rookie season, but he also got a chance to do it in his hometown of Seattle. The skyline, game-worn memorabilia and sticker auto add even more mystique to a coveted card that every Carroll collector should try and get their hands on.

Corbin Carroll Cards RCs & More Pt. 2

Corbin Carroll RCs & More, Pt. 2

Top RCs and More to Collect

Date: Nov 1, 2023
Topics: Baseball, Corbin Carroll, How To Collect, Rookie Cards
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