Mookie Betts RCs and More, Pt. 1

10 Betts Cards to Collect

Date: Sep 13, 2023
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Remember when Mookie was just that fresh-faced Red Sox rookie making waves in Boston? Those iconic cards are pure gold now! Flash forward to today: he’s tearing it up with the Dodgers, showcasing his LA swagger, and the card game’s caught up. So, whether you’re Team “Rookie Mookie” or all about that Dodger blue glow-up, this list’s got the best of both worlds.

Top Mookie Betts Cards #s 10-6

Mookie Betts Rookie Cards

10: Topps Project70® #672 – 1960 Mookie Betts by Ma®ket

Imagine stumbling upon a retro flier beckoning you to a soulful 1960s band showdown – that’s the feel you get with the Project70® #672 – 1960 Mookie Betts card by Topps and streetwear maestros, Ma®ket. It’s not just about baseball; it’s a vibrant flashback that feels like an ode to the Revolution. And let me tell you. The Revolution is televised every time Betts steps inside the batter’s box.

Mookie Betts Rookie Cards

9:  2014 Bowman Sterling #17 Mookie Betts RC

The print run for the 2014 Bowman Sterling #17 Mookie Betts Rookie Card remains a mystery, but acquiring this card is no easy feat. Each pack of 2014 Bowman Sterling contained just one base card and one prospect card, with a primary focus on autographs. Given that Bowman Sterling was a premium set in 2014, it is unsurprising that these cards are scarce on the market. Finding one of these Mookie Betts base cards is tougher than landing the auto. Crazy!

8: 2014 Topps Supreme Autographs #SA-MB Mookie Betts RC #’d/50

Including the eight parallels, the 2014 Topps Supreme Autograph #SA-MB Mookie Betts /50 has a print run of 10. The image on this baby is also pristine, and the card features a sticker auto. It’s a supreme addition for anyone looking to build the future Hall of Famer’s collection.

Mookie Betts Rookie Cards

7: Topps Project70® #89 – 1993 Mookie Betts by Snoop Dogg

Any association with Snoop Dogg’s debut album, Doggystyle, comes with a legends-only badge. Imagine a trading card dished out by the Doggfather celebrating his epic album art? Its existence blew my mind. The Topps Project70® #89 – 1993 Mookie Betts by Snoop Dogg is No. 7 on our rundown, but for me, it’s easily top-tier in this dear heart. Like me, Betts was in diapers when this album hit the airwaves. But the album still resonates deeply for many ’90s babies. Oh, and get this: only 51 of these cards exist.

Mookie Betts Rookie Cards

6: Topps Project70® #893 – Mookie Betts by DJ Skee /51

The legendary West Coast DJ, DJ Skee, took part in another Topps Project70® banger that makes this list. The concept is also dear to me, with Topps and DJ Skee taking classic Los Angeles-based album covers and piecing them together with different images representing the Dodgers’ superstar. And just like in the card above, the print run for this card stops at 51.

PS: Which albums from this collection are your favs? Mine are both in the middle row — The Game’s Documentary, to the right, and Dr. Dre’s Chronic, on the left. 

Mookie Betts Rookie Cards and More #s 5-1

Mookie Betts Rookie Cards and More, Pt. 2

10 Betts Cards to Collect

Date: Sep 13, 2023
Topics: Baseball, How To Collect, Mookie Betts, Rookie Cards
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