Cleat Heat #2 | Jackie Robinson Day ’24

Best Cleats from Jackie Robinson Day

Date: Apr 16, 2024
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On April 15, the MLB celebrated the 77th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier with its annual Jackie Robinson Day. As players paid tribute to a Hall of Famer and Civil Rights leader, their custom cleats took the stage, turning the field into a canvas of creativity and homage. From intricate designs to bold statements, the aftermath of Cleat Heat showcases the ingenuity and respect of MLB players. Join us as we look back on the electrifying aftermath of this special day!

Jackie Robinson Day Cleats

2024 Topps Series One #94 Byron Buxton/ Nike Alpha Huarache Nxt Customs

Byron Buxton sauntered onto the diamond for Jackie Robinson Day adorned in a pair of Nike Alpha Huarache NXT Customs, a tribute brimming with significance. Featuring a poignant quote from Robinson and an image immortalizing JR sliding, Buxton’s cleats encapsulated the essence of the day. “If it wasn’t for [Robinson], I probably wouldn’t be playing baseball now,” Buxton expressed. “So to break those barriers and to have [Black players] to be able to come over and play the game is something special and dear to me.”

2024 Topps Series One #243 Michael Harris II/ New Balance FuelCell 4040V7 Customs

A signature New Balance athlete, Michael Harris II brought his A-game with a pair of Jackie Robinson-inspired custom New Balance FuelCell 4040V7 cleats. And let me tell you, they’re dripping with style and paying the ultimate homage to Robinson’s illustrious career. Featuring a list of Robinson’s accolades including Rookie of the Year, MVP, World Series Champ, and a nod to his six All-Star appearances, these cleats are more than just footwear—they’re a celebration of a baseball legend’s extraordinary achievements.

2024 MLB TOPPS NOW® Card 52 Fernando Tatis Jr./ Air Jordan 1 Retro Customs

We talked about Fernando Tatis Jr. working with Nick Drbal and the SURGEON on his quest to wear 50 custom cleats in 2024 in our previous Cleat Heat piece. These bad boy Air Jordan 1 Retros are one of the 50. C’mon. Tatis got on the grill for this one. The brown leather goes crazy and so does the image of Robinson sliding in the swoosh. Tatis’ case for Cleat King of 2024 might be too strong.

2024 Topps Series One #141 Elly De La Cruz/ Air Jordan Retro 4 PE Jackie Robinson Day

The stars truly shined as they debuted the Air Jordan 4 PE Jackie Robinson Day cleats for the occasion. Among them were standout players like Mookie Betts, Aaron Judge, Jazz Chisholm Jr., Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and our very own main man, Elly De La Cruz. The Cincinnati Reds infielder stole the show with an awe-inspiring play that left fans and social media buzzing. From his position at shortstop, he soared into the outfield, making a diving catch that seemed almost superhuman. Happy Jackie Robinson Day, indeed.

2024 MLB TOPPS NOW® Card 69 Lawrence Butler/ Nike Alpha Huarache Elite 4 Jackie Robinson Day MCS

Nike laced Lawrence Butler up for Jackie Robison Day, gifting him the Huarache Elite 4s to celebrate the rookie’s first game on the special occasion. “For Jackie Robinson Day, they gave us some cool kicks. … They always take care of me. I’m just honored to be with Nike,” said the outfielder. Elite Heat!

Bonus: 2023 MLB TOPPS NOW® Card 1057 Tommy Pham/ Adidas Topps 1952 Jackie Robinson Customs

This list couldn’t end without our all-time favorite Jackie Robinson Day cleats. Yes, we’re biased. But these custom Adidas commemorating the 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson go nuts. The 1952 Topps Jackie Robinson represents Robinson’s first Topps card and one of the most iconic and expensive cards ever. Salute to Tommy Pham for holding down the card family.

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