Jackie Robinson RCs & More, Pt 2

Jackie Robinson Cards to Collect

Date: Apr 15, 2024
Topics: Baseball, Jackie Robinson, Rookie Cards
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Jackie Robinson’s name is synonymous with courage, dignity, and the relentless pursuit of equality. As we explore the world of Robinson’s rookie cards and collectibles, we pay homage to a trailblazing icon whose impact reverberates far beyond the confines of the baseball diamond. From his historic debut in 1947, when he broke baseball’s color barrier to his enduring legacy as a civil rights pioneer, Robinson’s journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations. Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

Jackie Robinson’s Top Cards

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1953 Topps #1 Jackie Robinson

Isn’t the 1953 Topps #1 Jackie Robinson lovely? Isn’t it wonderful? It looks so good it makes you want to sing! The 1953 Topps #1 Jackie Robinson is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing card on the list, and a PSA nine has sold north of $250,000. It’s the smile!

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1947 Bond Bread Jackie Robinson

The year is 1947, and you’re heading to the market for a loaf of Homogenized Bond Bread. But what comes with this loaf: a Jackie Robinson card. What a time!

PS: This is one of the first and most valuable Robinson cards on the market.

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1949 Bowman #50 Jackie Robinson

Some baseball card historians call the 1949 Bowman #50 Jackie Robinson one of Robinson’s rookie cards. We’re not here to debate that. We will say that this is Robinson’s inaugural Bowman card and that he won the NL MVP in 1949 after leading the league in batting average (.342) and stole bases (37).

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1948 Leaf #79 Jackie Robinson RC

Here, we have it, friends. The first Robinson card to be pulled in packs, 1948 Leaf #79 Jackie Robinson, is regarded by many as Robinson’s first rookie card. The six-figure price tag on higher-graded versions helps solidify its standing.

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1952 Topps #312 Jackie Robinson

Alright, folks, let’s dive into the diamond treasure trove with the Topps 1952 #312 Jackie Robinson card! It marks Robinson’s debut in the Topps lineup, making it a pivotal moment in the history of baseball cards. And by so pivotal that a PSA 9 once sold for an eye-popping $980,000. You see, there’s a rarity at play here; not many PSA-graded cards exist, adding an extra sprinkle of magic to this iconic piece.

Jackie Robinson RC & More, Pt. 1

Jackie Robinson RCs & More, Pt. 1

Top Jackie Robinson Cards

Date: Apr 15, 2024
Topics: Baseball, Jackie Robinson, Rookie Cards
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