Jackie Robinson RCs & More, Pt. 1

Jackie Robinson Cards to Collect

Date: Apr 15, 2024
Topics: Baseball, Jackie Robinson, Rookie Cards
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Jackie Robinson’s name is synonymous with courage, dignity, and the relentless pursuit of equality. As we explore the world of Robinson’s rookie cards and collectibles, we pay homage to a trailblazing icon whose impact reverberates far beyond the confines of the baseball diamond. From his historic debut in 1947, when he broke baseball’s color barrier to his enduring legacy as a civil rights pioneer, Robinson’s journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations. Happy Jackie Robinson Day!

Jackie Robinson’s Top Cards

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1967 Topps Venezuelan #184 Jackie Robinson

By 1967, Robinson was more than a decade into retirement. That didn’t stop the production of his cards. He was featured in the Venezuelan version in 1967 Topps, which featured a subset with 50 retired players. The pioneer actually wasn’t in the American version, but nonetheless, this is an extremely rare card.

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1950 Bowman #22 Jackie Robinson

The 1950 Bowman #22 Jackie Robinson card is a true work of art. With its vibrant hand-drawn design capturing Robinson’s legendary stature and charisma, the 1950 Bowman #22 Jackie Robinson is like a mini-masterpiece for baseball fans. And get this: it’s so hot in the collector’s market that a PSA 9 of this bad boy went for a whopping $117,000! That’s enough to make any collector’s jaw drop faster than a fly ball in center field.

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1956 Topps #30 Jackie Robinson

After the 1956 season, Robinson hung up the cleats, leaving a legacy that forever changed baseball and helped push society forward. The 1947 NL Rookie of the Year did so with a lifetime batting average over .300, a residency in the All-Star Game and an NL MVP. The 1956 Topps #30 Jackie Robinson is Robinson’s last Topps card as an active player —salute to a legendary human.

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1954 Topps #10 Jackie Robinson

We’re fans of both the background and the action shot used in the 1954 Topps #10 Jackie Robinson. The 1954 season was no. 42’s 35-year-old campaign and last All-Star season.

Jackie Robinson Rookie Cards

1952 Berk Ross Jackie Robinson

The 1952 Berk Ross Jackie Robinson shows off the Hall of Famer’s hops and knack for making plays in the field. By no means is this an in-game shot. But it does give the illusion of one of the greatest baseball players robbing a line drive.

Jackie Robinson RC & More, Pt. 2

Jackie Robinson RCs & More, Pt 2

Top Jackie Robinson Cards

Date: Apr 15, 2024
Topics: Baseball, Jackie Robinson, Rookie Cards
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