All-Time Bowman Chrome® Top Prospects, Pt. 2

Top Prospects to Collect

Date: Sep 15, 2023
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Bowman Chrome is where the baseball magic begins! Think of it as the rookie card red carpet, rolling out the shimmering debut for tomorrow’s legends. From swanky Dominican shortstops to Venezuelan sluggers who can knock one out of the park with flair, the best international up-and-comers first flash their sparkle in Bowman Chrome. For collectors and fans, unwrapping a pack is like peeking into the future— and hey, who wouldn’t want a sneak peek at baseball’s next big sensation?

Top 10 Bowman Chrome International Prospects of All-Time #s 5-1

Bowman Chrome Prospects

5: 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects #CTP-37 Rafael Devers

At 26 and in his seventh campaign, Devers is building a Hall-of-Fame-worthy resume. A two-time All-Star and Silver Slugger Award recipient, he’s notched three seasons with at least 30 homers — including the current one. On track to surpass 100 RBIs for the third time in his career, Devers shines as a beacon of hope for a Red Sox team navigating the season’s final stretch. Expect even more from this rising superstar in Beantown.

Bowman Chrome Prospects

4: 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Autographs #CPA-VG Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

We featured this bad boy in our Vladdy Jr. listicle and harped on how tough it is to find. That sentiment hasn’t changed, and the Blue Jays’ version of “The Six God’s” career trajectory continues skyrocketing. In 2023, the Blue Jays’ slugger topped 20 homers and 80 RBIs for the third consecutive and made his third All-Star team in as many campaigns. If he continues this track, an MVP could be on the horizon. 

Bowman Chrome Prospects

3: 2014 Bowman Chrome Prospects #BP-17 Jose Abreu

Creating a list of top Bowman Chrome Prospects and excluding an MLB MVP would be unfathomable. Currently, Abreu is the sole player on this list with an MVP title, earned in 2020. His credentials are solid with three All-Star appearances, five seasons of 30+ homers, and two consecutive campaigns of leading the league in RBIs — 2019 and 20120. In 2023, Abreu took his talents from Chi-Town to H-Tine, setting his sights on a World Series ring. Such an accolade would be the perfect addition to a career deserving of Cooperstown consideration.

Bowman Chrome Prospects

2: 2019 Bowman Baseball Chrome Prospect Autographs #CPA-JRO Julio Rodriguez

Well, would you look at this: another card from a listicle. Now, let’s get this straight. Julio Rodriguez is one of the ten best players in baseball. The show he’s put forth while leading the Mariners to AL West title contention will be remembered in Seattle for eternity — it’s that special. He’s also appeared in two All-Star Games in two seasons and is the fourth player aged 22 or younger to reach the 30 homers, 30 steals club in a season. When it’s all said and done, there should be nothing stopping Rodriguez from becoming one of baseball’s greatest. 

Bowman Chrome Prospects

1: 2017 Bowman Chrome® Prospect #CPA-RA Ronald Acuña Jr. Auto

The 2017 Bowman Chrome Prospect #CPA-RA Ronald Acuña Jr. Auto took the top spot on the Braves superstar’s listicle and is making another appearance at No. 1. Listen. You get preferential treatment when you’re a four-time All-Star who has earned two Silver Sluggers, won a Rookie of the Year, and become the first player in league history to register 30 homers and 60 steals. Oh, and he’s in the midst of an MVP race for one of the best teams in baseball. May King Acuña Jr. rest comfortably on his throne. 

Top 10 Bowman Chrome International Prospects of All-Time #s 10-6

All-Time Bowman Chrome® Top Prospects, Pt. 1

All-Time Bowman Chrome Prospects

Date: Sep 15, 2023
Topics: Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Chrome Prospects, How To Collect
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