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Date: Sep 13, 2023
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2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball is here, meaning it’s time for some serious prospecting for the top international prospects’ 1st Bowman cards.

In addition to Bowman Chrome Prospects, 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball features a clutch of gleaming inserts to put some shine back in your collection.

What Am I Chasing in 2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball?

Bowman Chrome Prospects

Of course, it’s all about the Bowman Chrome Prospects. This year’s crop of international prospects is bringing some serious heat with their 1st Bowman cards. The big names to prospect include #171 Ethan Salas, #156 Felnin Celesten, #218 Joendry Vargas, #238 Alfredo Duno, #188 Brandon Mayea, #153 Jun-Seok Shim, #186 Camilo Diaz, #238 Welbyn Francisca, #164 Jesus Caba, #222 Rayner Arias, #240 Brailer Guerrero, #189 Sebastian Walcott, and #163 Emmanuel Bonilla.


One of the most exciting chases in 2023 Bowman Chrome is the introduction of Retrofractors. These limited 1st Bowman cards feature legendary players who have never been featured in the base set of a flagship Bowman product. Each Retrofractor player only gets one chance for his 1st Bowman, and then they will be retired from Bowman products. So be on the hunt for #251 George Herman Ruth, #252 Roberto Clemente, and #253 Johnny Bench.


2023 Bowman Chrome Baseball keeps the collectibility rolling with amazing new and beloved inserts. These new inserts include: Bowman Iconic – Pulling imagery from some of the most iconic players’ 1st appearance in Bowman; Prospect Process – Getting from the draft to the league is an incredible process, and these top prospects cards with CMYK process art design gives the nod to the journey; Bowman Ascensions – Continuing the new wave art house that is Bowman Ascensions in 2023, check out these beautiful cards in collaboration with highly-celebrated artist Jeremy Fish!

Now that you know what’s Inside the Box, it’s time to grab one.

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