Behind the Design: 2024 Topps Sterling Baseball

Behind the Design of 2024 Topps Sterling Baseball

Date: Apr 3, 2024
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In the vibrant world of baseball card design, Topps Art Director Ryan Lee and the talented team at Topps unveil the secrets behind the 2024 Topps Sterling Baseball collection. With a blend of classic elegance and modern innovation, Lee’s vision, alongside the creative efforts of the Topps team, comes to life in every meticulously crafted detail.

Keepin’ It Simple

At the heart of the 2024 Topps Sterling Baseball cards lies a design aesthetic that marries sophistication with modernity. “The design aesthetic for 2024 Topps Sterling baseball cards stems from the brand’s name in and of itself,” Lee reveals. “We are pushing metal texture throughout the entire product while keeping everything elegant and modern by using oversized filigree.” The team at Topps pushed the boundaries of print technology to achieve a metallic shine, strategically utilizing white plates to enhance the opacities of the rainbow foil board and create a visually stunning effect.

The design process for Topps Sterling Baseball is grounded in the principle of simplicity with a twist. “I design using the KISS method,” he shares, “so when you can achieve success in simple design, it can prove difficult to expand that design direction across a multitude of subsets within a product.” With meticulous attention to detail, Lee and his team carefully crafted each subset to ensure cohesion and harmony throughout the collection, resulting in a product that is both visually striking and conceptually unified.

Sterling Recipes

What sets Topps Sterling apart is its innovative use of TPU inserts to frame relic cards, which sets Topps Sterling Baseball apart from other products. “Unique to Topps Sterling Baseball is the use of TPU inserts to frame the vast variety of relic cards,” Lee explains. These inserts elevate the look and feel of the product, adding glints of metallic silver on top of black and featuring oversized filigree for a modern twist.

Lee introduces the Sterling Connect Autograph Relic Card for collectors eagerly awaiting new additions to the 2024 Topps Sterling Baseball set. “New to this year is the Sterling Connect Autograph Relic Card,” he reveals. “The card features athletes sporting their MLB City Connect jerseys and inserted into the card are relics from the same jerseys,” offering a fresh and exciting dimension to the collection.

Among the captivating designs, Lee’s favorite insert in the product is the Topps Sterling Dual Bat Label Book Card. “My favorite design in the product is the Topps Sterling Dual Bat Label Book Card,” he enthuses. “Its interior spread showcases one seamless design, beautifully highlighting two athletes and two huge slices of their baseball bats,” exemplifying the meticulous craftsmanship and artistry that defines the 2024 Topps Sterling Baseball collection.

In summary, the 2024 Topps Sterling Baseball collection represents a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation in baseball card design. Led by Topps Art Director Ryan Lee, the set showcases elegance and modernity, pushing the boundaries of print technology while honoring the sport’s rich legacy. With meticulous attention to detail and innovative features like TPU inserts and the Sterling Connect Autograph Relic Card, this collection promises to captivate collectors and fans with its timeless appeal. With Lee and the Topps team at the helm, the future of baseball card collecting is brighter than ever.

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