Behind the Design: 2024 Topps Baseball Series 2 Signature Tunes

Behind the Design of the Signature Tunes Insert

Date: Jun 26, 2024
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Topps Baseball Series 2 for 2024 has rolled out a new insert that’s music to collectors’ ears: Signature Tunes. This unique set of cards combines the thrill of baseball with the pulsating beats of popular music, featuring MLB stars alongside the artists of their iconic walk-up songs. This two-card insert showcases a harmonious blend of sports and music, highlighted by notable pairings, the Astros’ Kyle Tucker with Travis Scott and the Yankees’ Juan Soto with Daddy Yankee.

Elliot Griffin, Topps’ lead designer of culture, shared the inspiration behind this innovative insert. “The essence of Signature Tunes is to celebrate the iconic walk-up songs of MLB players. We opted for a dual design to visually represent the connection between the player and the artist,” explained Griffin. This approach underscores the synergy between the athletes’ performances on the field and the musical artists who fuel their entrance with energy and rhythm.

The selection process for these featured stars was meticulous. “Our brand team and editors are deeply involved in choosing which players and artists to feature, aiming for pairings that resonate with fans and reflect the players’ personalities,” Griffin noted. This careful curation ensures that each card not only captures the essence of the player but also aligns with the cultural impact of their chosen walk-up song.

Delving deeper into the creative process, Griffin described the intent behind the insert’s visual aesthetics. “We wanted something that felt as though the player and artist are walking onto the field together, sharing the spotlight. The design needed to be high-end and slightly flashy, akin to the theatrical nature of a stage entrance,” he said. To achieve this, the design incorporates simulated gold foil, adding an elegant touch without the use of special printing techniques.

Griffin’s personal enthusiasm for both sports and music deeply influenced his work on this project. “The pairing of sports figures with music artists is something close to my heart. It’s exciting to encapsulate the musical vibe and the player’s energy in a single card design. What I enjoyed most was translating that feeling of anticipation and excitement, which a great walk-up song provides, into a tangible form that collectors can appreciate,” Griffin shared enthusiastically.

The Signature Tunes insert is more than just a collector’s item—it’s a celebration of the dynamic interplay between the adrenaline of sports and the spirit of music. Each card is a testament to the power of this connection, inviting fans to experience the rush of the game and the beat of the music, all in one glance. 

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