Behind the Design: 2024 Topps Baseball Series 2 Women in Baseball

Behind the Design of the Women in Baseball Insert

Date: Jun 27, 2024
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The 2024 Topps Baseball Series 2 is breaking new ground with its “Women in Baseball” insert, celebrating the incredible women who are currently making significant strides in America’s favorite pastime. This five-card set showcases the talents and achievements of Alyssa Nakken, Ronnie Gajownik, Rachel Foden, Jessica Mendoza, and Veronica Alvarez. Each card immortalizes these trailblazers, highlighting their roles and contributions to the game.

Alyssa Nakken, an assistant coach for the San Francisco Giants, is the first full-time female coach in MLB history, representing a monumental shift in the sport. Ronnie Gajownik, the current bench boss for Double-A Amarillo Sod Poodles, exemplifies dynamic leadership and coaching prowess. Rachel Foden, the first female coach in the Chicago Cubs’ organization, symbolizes the breaking of barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field. Jessica Mendoza, a respected ESPN reporter and analyst, has brought the game closer to fans with her insightful commentary. Veronica Alvarez, the manager of the U.S. women’s national team, showcases her vital role in shaping the future of women’s baseball.

The Topps Design team was thrilled to work on this historic insert, knowing they were contributing to a significant moment in baseball history. The chance to celebrate the advancements and contributions of these remarkable women filled the team with pride. The cards feature vibrant colors, meticulous details, and dynamic designs, capturing these trailblazers in action and making this insert not just a collection, but a piece of baseball history.

Modeled directly after the base set, these cards maintain the same high standards and attention to detail that Topps is known for. The seamless integration of these unique stories into the broader set showcases the design team’s expertise and dedication.

The “Women in Baseball” insert is more than just a set of cards; it’s a tribute to the past, present, and future of women in the sport. It stands as a testament to the progress made and the exciting possibilities ahead. Fans and collectors will treasure these cards, not just for their design but for the powerful stories they tell.

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