Behind the Design: 2023 Topps Star Wars Chrome® Galaxy

A Deep Dive into the Topps x Star Wars Universe

Date: Aug 31, 2023
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For decades, Topps Star Wars cards have been more than mere collectibles. They’ve become symbolic artifacts, each set capturing the evolving zeitgeist of the Star Wars saga. The 2023 Star Wars Chrome Galaxy set stands in relief within this legacy. It honors the past by predominantly featuring vintage art from old SW Galaxy products, and it also incorporates art sourced directly from the Disney catalog, offering a fusion of nostalgia and contemporary design techniques.

Chrome’d Out

Jon Sprance, the art director behind this project, unveiled the driving design philosophy for this edition. “The big difference this year is that we are moving away from hard siloed images on the base cards and instead opting for an inverted white plate,” he explains. This means that whether it’s a classic piece or a newer addition, “the entire painting or illustration will show up much better, and we can really do the art justice while still being able to see the different parallels.”

Chromium technology has been harnessed to amplify the visual appeal. Sprance dives into the intricacies, saying, “Chrome is very dark and only appears bright and shiny when you get the right angles.” In sports cards, areas are intentionally designed to “show off the chrome and parallels.” But with vintage artwork and newer Disney designs, “we have to figure out a way to balance these issues after the fact,” he says.

Chasing the Galaxy

Anticipation builds for specific inserts, with the Darth Vader’s Bounty Hunters garnering special attention. The 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi is celebrated with a dedicated Return of the Jedi 40th Anniversary Poster Art Tribute insert. The 2023 Star Wars Chrome Galaxy set, combining the old and the new, promises to take fans on a thrilling ride across time and space, celebrating the expansive Star Wars universe in all its glory.

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