What 2024 Bowman Baseball Box is Best For You?

Bowman Baseball Product Explainer

Date: May 9, 2024
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The future of baseball is here now that 2024 Bowman Baseball hit shelves on May 8, 2024. The 2024 Bowman Baseball set includes three main product boxes for you to purchase to suit your collecting style.

Of course, 1st Bowmans of the best prospects bring serious collecting heat. Still, collectors will also find elite stars, emerging and emerging rookies featured on base cards, inserts, and autograph and relic cards. And don’t forget the RetroFractos of Bob Gibson and Pete Rose.

Prepare for base set parallels, en fuego inserts, and autos, including Base Set Gold Retrofractors, Bowman Scout’s Top 100, 1955 Bowman Anime, Rising Infernos, Gladiators of the Diamond, Prospect Power-Up, Origing of Greatness, ROY Favorites, Dual Bowman Prospects Autos, and more.

Wait, there’s still more! Find ultra-rare 4-card Pearl Refractor Packs randomly dropping in hobby boxes.

Overwhelming? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered by looking at each product configuration below.

Get ready to grab your perfect 2024 Bowman Baseball box!

2024 Bowman Baseball – Hobby Box

The 2024 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box is perfect for the more traditional collector. The box offers a wide variety of base cards, parallels, and inserts. It also guarantees one Chrome® autograph “hit” per box. Other cards are exclusive to the Hobby boxes, including Orange Border and Black Pattern Parallels for base set paper and paper prospects. The 2024 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box also offers Hobby exclusive Mini-Diamond Refractor, Blue RayWave Refractor, Orange Refractor, and Orange Shimmer Refractor parallels across Chrome Prospects and all insert sets. This box is also home to the ultra-rare 4-card Pearl Refractor Packs.

2024 Bowman Baseball – Jumbo Box

The 2024 Bowman Baseball Hobby Jumbo box is an excellent purchase for the “hit seeker.” Each box is guaranteed to contain three Chrome autos and two Rising Infernos inserts. These Hobby Jumbo boxes offer up 32 cards per pack, and 12 packs per box—that’s 384 cards of Bowman Baseball cardboard and chrome to pull some serious next-gen heat.

2024 Bowman Baseball – Value Box

The 2024 Bowman Baseball Value Box is one of several types of 2024 Bowman Baseball retail offerings. Different pack and box types can be found for retail at Target, Walmart, etc. Retail boxes range in price, but some start at just a few dollars. These packs and boxes are perfect for the baseball fan new to collecting or the seasoned collector searching for the future of the game. Additionally, you’ll only find the retail exclusive Green Parallel cards in Value Boxes. Happy collecting!

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