Behind the Design: 2023 Topps Inception

Behind the Design of 2023 Topps Inception

Date: Jan 18, 2024
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Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of the 2023 Topps Inception trading card set, where we unravel the visionary mind of Topps art director Arvin Catriz. What sparked the flame for this year’s design theme? Catriz reveals, “The concept this year was dynamic movement,” promising a design that encapsulates the game’s dynamism within these collectible cards.

The Artistic Genesis

In the initial conceptualization phase, Catriz set ambitious goals, articulating, “Abstracted white marble aesthetics combined with vibrant brushstrokes create movement.” Picture an elegant fusion of abstract marble and lively brushstrokes, breathing life into the cards and infusing them with unparalleled energy.

Maintaining a delicate equilibrium, Catriz emphasizes, “Dynamic brushstrokes behind the players add excitement, complementing the players.” The objective is to elevate the experience, transforming each card into a visual feast that resonates profoundly with collectors.

Goals and New Inserts

Considering the collector’s experience, Catriz underscores, “My goal every year is to generate excitement within the product and provide fans with that level of enthusiasm.” The passion for delivering top-notch designs that collectors will cherish is palpable, transcending beyond mere cards and creating a resounding buzz within the collector community.

Transitioning to the spotlight-stealing new inserts, particularly the Inception Dual Autos & Triple Autos, Catriz unveils the design secrets, expressing, “The design concept seamlessly lent itself to these inserts – featuring player autographs without compromising the overall design.” It’s a meticulous dance, skillfully showcasing autographs while preserving the integrity of the overarching design.

Saluting Excellence

Now, delving into Catriz’s personal favorites, he articulates, “I genuinely appreciate how each card turned out. However, if I had to choose, my favorites would be the Base Rookie & Future Phenoms Autograph card and the Silver Signings cards.” These transcend beyond mere cards; they are considered masterpieces, and Catriz holds a special affinity for these gems.

We salute Catriz and the Topps team for their hard work designing the 2023 Topps inception. The detailed process helped transform an idea into a product coveted by the masses. Here’s to another year of dazzling designs and thrilling moments in the esteemed realm of trading cards!

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