Brand History: TOPPS NOW

Debut Year: 2016
TOPPS NOW began their online exclusive existence on Opening Day 2016.
MLB; MLS; NHL; Star Wars; NBL; F1; Bundesliga; UEFA Champions League; Europa League; Bowman U Now.
Value Level: Accessible
TOPPS NOW is priced at market value for a single card, including shipping costs. This product also includes pricing incentives for buying in bulk.

Debuting in 2016, TOPPS NOW represents one of the more recent innovations Topps has introduced into the hobby. For the most part, Topps products feature events and players of the past season. With the timely intervention of TOPPS NOW, collectors can purchase cards of significant moments almost immediately. Was there a historic home run, a perfect game, or a famous or unexpected world figure throwing out the first pitch? Don’t worry; TOPPS NOW will have the card available now. Since its beginning, the brand has expanded to include a variety of sports and popular culture properties, all offering that in-the-moment thrill directly to collectors.

Who is TOPPS NOW For?

TOPPS NOW is a product that is designed for everyone. It’s an easy entry point for new or returning collectors and resonates with more seasoned collectors. This product offers everything great about the modern hobby: you get beautifully produced cards featuring dramatic photos of players that resonate on emotional, aesthetic, and temporal registers. TOPPS NOW allows collectors to engage with their favorite sports and athletes in real time during the season. TOPPS NOW is the perfect complement and springboard into the hobby.


TOPPS NOW debuted in 2016 following some successful print-on-demand, online-exclusive test products for the 2015 World Series. Following the success of the 2015 test, TOPPS NOW developed around a central idea: releasing daily, print-on-demand cards to chronicle an entire baseball season in real-time. Beginning with Opening Day 2016, TOPPS NOW began offering the season’s most exciting – and culturally relevant – events almost immediately after it happened. Since then, TOPPS NOW has provided an ever-expanding array of cards chronicling the moments and events that comprise a season: web gems, setting historical records, perfect games, or cats getting running loose on the field. If it’s memorable, it just might become a TOPPS NOW card.

What Am I Chasing in TOPPS NOW?

Each TOPPS NOW base card includes parallels. This fact allows the collector to get a hit immediately when buying a TOPPS NOW card. TOPPS NOW also offers autos direct to collectors – they’re low-numbered and available to purchase when the cards are available. So the chase is similar to a sneaker or Supreme drop – will you be able to buy the card before it sells out? In addition to parallels and low-numbered cards, the excitement of TOPPS NOW has to do with the print run. These cards are snapshots of the season. When they’re available, they’re only available for 24 hours. So a TOPPS NOW card could have a print run of one hundred or 50,000.

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