Brand History: Match Attax

Debut Year: 2006
Today Match Attax is the world’s best-selling sports trading card game; being sold in every continent!
Bundesliga; UEFA Champions League; Europa League; Women’s Champions League; Scottish Premier League; UEFA European Championships
Value Level: Accessible, Entry-Level
Designed as an entry-level product – an enjoyable game that introduces card collecting to young consumers.

In 2006, Topps launched the Match Attax trading card game. With innovations in collecting, game-play, design and print technology, Match Attax has established itself as a powerhouse brand for a new generation of young football fans. It has become the world’s best-selling sports trading card game; being sold in every continent and applied to leading football competitions including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and German Bundesliga.


Match Attax is more than just a game (Although if you wish to play, the rules are at the bottom). With every release Topps continue to raise the bar; delivering to the consumer an unrivalled collection of trading cards from the World’s greatest players. 2023/24 was no different, with rare pulls that stand up to our high-end “hobby” sets, as well as all-new limited editions and super exclusive cards.

These Packs are STACKED?

The bar was raised for the 2023/24 seasons, with 3 special inserts included in each Match Attax Packet. So, in addition to our base cards, collectors can expect to find:

Foils: (Also known as shiny or shinies) are a step up from base cards with varying levels of rarity. For example, the chance of a Crystal Foil is 1 in 3 – with 60 players to collect, whereas a Black Edge Card (shown below) will appear in 1 our of 16 packs – with only 9 players to collect.

Chrome: Is a card technology that is used in a number of our high-end hobby sets. These cards are consider rare and/or are exclusive to specially sets.

Autograph and Relics: Are the ultimate hobby pull and are considered ultra-rare and collectable as part of the Match Attax collection.

Want to play the game?

As promised, here are the official rules to Match Attax. Just like in any football game, the goal is…well…goals!

  1. Pick your team of 11 players and 3 substitutes.
  2. Lay your cards face down in formation.
  3. Flip a coin to see who will go first.
  4. If your defense outscored their attack, you score – and vice versa.
  5. Keep a track of your goals at the side of the playing area.
  6. In the next move, the person who scored gets to go first.
  7. If both have the same scores, that move is a draw and you choose again.
  8. At any time during the game, you can switch your cards for one of your subs.
  9. You can use up to two tactic cards every match if you have them.

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