Brand History: Star Wars Galaxy Chrome

Debut Year: 2000
Since 1993 Star Wars Galaxy has released 10 series, going fully Chrome in 2021.
Licensors: Lucasfilm
Topps and Lucasfilm have maintained a partnership since 1977.
Value Level: Accessible
Art, Chrome, and Star Wars collide for a premium product at an accessible price point.

First released in 1993, Star Wars Galaxy features a variety of cards, characters, and artwork from across the Star Wars universe. Most importantly – for fans and collectors alike – Star Wars Galaxy Chrome offers unique takes on beloved characters as well as original art expanding Star Wars’ known, visual universe.    


Star Wars has always existed as a tent pole cultural property for everyone in The Hobby and beyond. The same is true for Star Wars Galaxy Chrome – being a part of the Star Wars universe brings a huge built-in audience – and this product really resonates with dedicated collectors and Star Wars fans. For the diehard Star Wars fans, this product has been the most popular of all the Topps x Star Wars sets. 

2022 Star Wars Galaxy Chrome Dual Autograph Superfractor


Since 1977, Topps and Lucasfilm have been releasing cards giving fans and collectors another exciting way to engage with the interstellar grandeur of the Star Wars IP. And Topps’ offerings have followed the franchise’s cinematic releases – and now the Disney series. What that means is that most Topps x Star Wars cards rely on official screen grabs, studio shots, and set, prop, and costume Relics. By the early 1990s, the Star Wars universe was still mainly focused on the original trilogy – and cards had not been released since 1983’s RETURN OF THE JEDI. In 1993, Star Wars Galaxy debuted, becoming an inflection point for collectors by offering a blend of original artwork, legendary scenes and characters in the first mainstream card release in a decade. Star Wars Galaxy returned in 2021 after a three-year hiatus with its first Chrome iteration. The new-look Star Wars Galaxy Chrome looks to continue to bring value and excitement to the Star Wars and Hobby space.    


In addition to being a part of the longest-running brand partnership with LucasFilm ever, Galaxy Chrome matters because it offers something aesthetically and narratively unique in the world of Star Wars – top tier artists creating never-before-seen moments in the Star Wars universe. Star Wars Galaxy Chrome doesn’t just faithfully represent Star Wars moments, it creates new ways of seeing things that happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.  


When it comes to Star Wars Galaxy Chrome, you’re chasing the big names: Darth VaderLuke SkywalkerObi-Wan Kenobi, and Leia Organa, etc. Galaxy Chrome offers up all characters as base cards, as well as showing up in other subcategories including Original Trilogy Concept Art, and single, dual, and triple Auto cards by the actors that portrayed these characters on screen and film. Additionally, the main draw for collectors are the Sketches, rare Parallels, and Superfractors

With Topps Star Wars Galaxy Chrome, the Force will always be with you. 


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