Brand History: Topps Chrome® UFC

The History Behind Topps Chrome® UFC

Debut Year: 2017
Licensors: UFC
Value Level: Accessible

Topps Chrome UFC made its debut as a standalone product back in 2017, marking a significant milestone in the realm of MMA collectibles. Year-over-year, it has offered collectors an array of exciting cards and memorabilia. However, the product faced a temporary hiatus after its 2020 edition, leaving fans eagerly awaiting its return. Now, in 2024, Topps Chrome UFC is back with a vengeance, reigniting the passion of collectors and reaffirming its status as a premier collectible in the world of MMA.

Why Topps Chrome UFC Matters?

Topps Chrome UFC holds significance as a staple in the Topps Chrome catalog. Its enduring presence underscores its appeal to collectors, offering not only coveted autograph hits but also highly sought-after refractor parallels. As a result, Topps Chrome UFC has become synonymous with collectability and prestige in the MMA memorabilia world.

Who is Topps Chrome UFC For?

Topps Chrome UFC caters to a diverse audience of collectors, appealing to fans who appreciate the thrill of chasing autographs, rare parallels, and rookie cards. With its wide range of offerings, from base sets to exclusive inserts, Topps Chrome UFC provides something for every enthusiast, regardless of their collecting preferences.

What Am I Chasing in 2024 Topps Chrome UFC?

In the 2024 edition of Topps Chrome UFC, collectors can anticipate an abundance of rookie cards, showcasing the emerging talent in the MMA world. Additionally, the inclusion of several first-time signers adds an extra layer of excitement, offering collectors the chance to own unique and exclusive memorabilia.

What’s New in 2024 Topps Chrome UFC?

2024 Topps Chrome UFC introduces all-new case hit level short-printed inserts across all SKUs, enhancing the collectability and excitement of the product. With a diverse mix of inserts available across both hobby and retail editions, collectors can expect each SKU to offer unique and highly desirable cards, making 2024 Topps Chrome UFC a must-have for enthusiasts.

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