Brand History: Topps Chrome Black

The History Behind Topps Chrome Black

Debut Year: 2020
First released in 2020
Licensors: MLB
Value Level: Accesible

In 2020, Topps Chrome Black hit the trading card industry with its stunning design and innovative approach. This product delivers a quick-rip experience that ignites collectors’ excitement. Each box features two base cards adorned with mesmerizing chrome tech backgrounds that ignite the imagination. Alongside these base cards, enthusiasts can uncover one parallel card, adding an element of rarity and excitement to the mix. The standout feature of each box is the encased autograph, a cherished treasure for fans and collectors alike.

What’s New?

Ivory Autos mark the debut of white-dominant cards in a product that has been exclusively black cards.

Who is Topps Chrome Black For?

Topps Chrome Black is for Chrome, rookie, and autograph collectors.

Why Does Topps Chrome Black Matter?

Topps Chrome Black takes baseball’s best players and RCs and showcases them in an art-forward, matte black card. The product focuses on modern, sleek design elements, giving it one of the more unique looks on the market. All autographs come encased in a one-touch for protection and an elevated feel.

What Am I Chasing?

RC Design variation case hits, Autographs of top rookies, veterans, and retired players.

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