Nolan Ryan RC & More, Pt. 2

The Ryan Express’s Best Cards to Collect

Date: Jan 26, 2024
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For 27 seasons, Nolan Ryan left batters bewildered, notched victories, and inspired generations of pitchers aiming to replicate the hard-throwing, gritty style that defined him. Even long after his playing days, the sports cards featuring this Texas native continue to narrate a story that culminated with an illustrious spot, among the game’s absolute greats in Cooperstown. With an MLB-record 5,714 strikeouts, 324 wins, and seven no-hitters under his belt, Ripped couldn’t resist taking a moment to honor this legendary career through some of his top cards.

Top Nolan Ryan Cards #s 5-1

5: 1971 Topps #513 Nolan Ryan

Though iconic, the 1971 Topps card design presented its fair share of challenges. Those stylish black borders, while visually striking, turned the cards into fragile treasures, as delicate as a house of cards in a windstorm. To compound matters, the images of players in mid-pitch often appeared as fuzzy. Understandably, collectors weren’t exactly doing backflips over the last card featuring the pitching legend in his Mets uniform. However, here’s the intriguing twist – should you happen upon one of these cards in impeccable condition, they carry a premium price tag. It’s a classic case of “flaws and all,” where the design’s imperfections enhance the card’s allure.

PS: Supposedly nobody’s ever located A PSA 10 1971 Topps #513 Nolan Ryan.

4: 1978 Topps #400 Nolan Ryan

The 1978 Topps #400 Nolan Ryan is actually one of Ryan’s rarer cards. We’re not exactly sure what the print run is, but we do know that this card commands a deep reach into the ole’ pockets. Happy Hunting!

3: 1973 Topps #220 Nolan Ryan

In 1973, the iconic 1973 Topps #220 Nolan Ryan card made its debut during a memorable season where Ryan secured a second-place finish in the A.L. Cy Young voting. What makes this card even more special is that it belongs to the beloved 1973 Topps set, a personal favorite among card collectors. This fondness for the set naturally elevates the value of this particular beauty. To add to its allure, this card is limited to just six PSA 10 copies in existence, making it an exceptionally rare find. In fact, one of these pristine copies fetched an impressive $70,691 in January 2023.

2: 1969 Topps #533 Nolan Ryan

The 1969 Topps #533 card holds a special place in the world of baseball card collecting. It represents Nolan Ryan’s first “solo” card and his second-ever appearance on a trading card. Now, considering these cards have gracefully aged over half a century, stumbling upon them in excellent condition can be quite the challenge. In fact, there are only two PSA 10s known to man, making them exceptionally rare and highly sought after by collectors. Oh, and we couldn’t leave without a shout to the 1969 Mets affectionately known as “The Miracle Mets,” who authored a legendary in-season turnaround which culminated in them securing the franchise’s first World Series title.

1: 1968 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan RC

The lone Nolan Ryan rookie card happens to be dual card, featuring fellow Mets pitcher Jerry Koosman. And guess what? It’s probably one of the 10 most iconic cards in existence. A PSA 10 sold for $600,000 in 2020, and prices for this legendary rookie card of arguably the most legendary pitcher in the history of baseball may continue to rise in the future.

Nolan Ryan’s Top Cards Pt. 1

Nolan Ryan RC & More, Pt. 1

Nolan Ryan’s Top Cards

Date: Jan 26, 2024
Topics: Baseball, How To Collect, Nolan Ryan, Rookie Cards
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