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La Pugla’s Top Trading Cards

Date: Jul 21, 2023
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Dribbling his way from the shores of Barcelona to Paris and now South Beach, Lionel Messi remains the heartthrob of soccer, continuing to redefine the boundaries of greatness on the pitch and causing a stir with every boot. His recent move to Inter Miami has not only ignited the American soccer scene that’s become a home for superstars as they age gracefully but also stirred an exciting frenzy in the world of trading cards. The Argentine maestro, already a legend cast in the mold of football immortality, now performs magic under the North American spotlight, pushing the tremendous demand for his cards to even greater levels of frenzy. Let’s explore some of the top trading cards featuring “La Pugla.”

2004 Mundi Cromo Liga #617 Lionel Messi

The legendary St. Louis-bred wordsmith Nelly once asked, “What does it take to be No. 1?” Well, the answer is simple: being the first. The 2004 Mundi Cromo Liga #617 Lionel Messi isn’t Messi’s most valuable card, but it does have the distinction as his first issued card as a Barcelona player. That alone gives it a prime place on this list. A legend was born.

2020-21 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Speckle Refractor Auto #1 Lionel Messi 

Isn’t this a beaut? This 2020-21 Topps Chrome® UEFA Champions League Speckle Refractor® #1 Lionel Messi not only has an on-card auto, but the Speckle design on a chrome product complements his Barca jersey perfectly – one of the world’s sauciest players on an even saucier card.

2013 Icons Limited Messi Collection Lionel Messi Autographs

In 2013, the football card game changed with the release of the iconic Messi Collection from Icons. This Japan-exclusive set was the first to feature a certified, pack-pulled Lionel Messi auto, and it came in two stunning versions: the limited edition with coveted autographs and game or event-worn jersey cards, and a retail version boasting a fine assortment of base cards. The absolute star of the show? Messi’s large, on-card signature – an authentic autograph as rare as they come. Five distinct signed Messi cards grace this collection, but capturing them is a chase fit for only the most dedicated collectors.

2021 – 22 TOPPS CHROME UEFA Champions League Red Refractor #100 Lionel Messi

And here we have it – Messi in a PSG jersey. The Argentinian legend scored 22 goals for PSG in two seasons and regularly excited fans with his magic on the pitch. Fun fact: there are only 10 of these in existence. Happy Hunting!

2020 Topps Chrome UEFA Champions League Golazo Lionel Messi

How can you look at this Messi card and not scream out Golaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazoooo!!! If you’ve ever tuned into soccer on Telemundo or played FIFA and changed the settings to the Spanish-speaking announcers, you know the feeling. I had to beat my chest a couple of times while typing this.


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