How to Collect: What’s 2024 Bowman Baseball Origin of Greatness

Examining the Origin of Greatness Insert

Date: May 16, 2024
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Introducing a new super short print insert called Origin of Greatness, exclusively featured in the 2024 Bowman Baseball collection! This dynamic addition showcases 20 of the game’s most promising prospects and rookies, each card numbered to 10, adorned with a stunning Origin of Greatness design that places emphasis solely on the player. As a subset of Bowman Baseball, renowned as the pinnacle product for collecting prospects, this insert holds immense significance for collectors seeking the next generation of baseball stars.

The Origin of Greatness checklist boasts an impressive lineup that features several players who could become legends, including standout names like Dylan Crews, Paul Skenes, Walker Jenkins, and notable figures who have already made their mark in the majors, such as Jackson Holliday, Jackson Chourio, and Wyatt Langford. Crafted by the product team, this selection represents the cream of the crop among young prospects, each poised to break out and shape the future of the game.

What makes the Origin of Greatness insert fun is not just its exclusivity but also the rich storytelling featured on the back of each card. Alongside essential measurables and bios, collectors will find captivating anecdotes from memorable performances, offering a deeper insight into each prospect’s journey and potential.

The design team took a futuristic and spacey approach, as if the players’ origins came from out of orbit, giving the cards a unique and captivating aesthetic.

Bowman Baseball reigns supreme in prospect collecting, and the introduction of the Origin of Greatness insert further solidifies its status as the ultimate destination for collectors. With its limited print run and focus on top-tier talent, this insert embodies the thrill of discovering the next big stars before they make it to the big leagues.

So, whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the hobby, don’t miss your chance to capture the essence of baseball’s future with the Origin of Greatness insert in 2024 Bowman Baseball.

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