Mark McGwire RCs & More, Pt. 2

McGwire’s Top Cards to Collect

Date: Jan 17, 2024
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Meet the legendary Mark McGwire. From his iconic rookie season to a career marked by success, McGwire stands tall as one of the game’s greatest power hitters ever. With a nickname as cool as “Big Red,” he’s become a household name for generations of baseball fans, finishing his career with 583 dingers. Buckle up as we explore Mark McGwire’s Big League journey through the lens of some of his top baseball cards.

Top Mark McGwire RCs and More #s 5-1

5: 2018 Topps Tier One Mark McGwire 1/1 Bat Knob Auto

Getting your hands on a bat knob in Topps Tier One products is like finding a needle in a haystack – we’re talking one in every 700-800 boxes kind of rarity. So, imagine the odds of scoring the 2018 Topps Tier One Mark McGwire 1/1 Bat Knob – they were paper-thin from the get-go. This card is seriously coveted, and who knows, that bat knob might’ve been part of one of McGwire’s legendary homers.

Mark McGwire Cards

4: 1993 Topps Finest #92 Mark McGwire

Ah, the iconic year of 1993, when Topps Finest exploded onto the scene like a comet of collectible awesomeness – the OG optichrome trading card that set the hobby ablaze! Zoom ahead to today, and those early Finest designs are like the cool kids who never age, constantly inspiring modern sets. Now, check out this gem – the 1993 set flaunts the Mark McGwire card above, and let me tell you, it’s not your run-of-the-mill find. With a print run of approximately 1,500, this card is rarer than a unicorn in a snowstorm. Just take a moment and soak in the loveliness of this extremely rare piece.

Mark McGwire Cards

3: 1982 Anchorage Glacier Pilots Mark McGwire

For collectors aiming to snag Mark McGwire’s earliest baseball card, cast your gaze on the 1982 Anchorage Glacier Pilots set, where Big Mac debuted. Back in those days, McGwire, rocking the University of Southern California vibes, joined the Glacier Pilots during his stint in the Alaska Baseball League’s summer league. What makes it intriguing? On this vintage card, McGwire pulls double duty as both a first baseman and a right-handed pitcher, adding a cool twist for collectors on the lookout for unique oddities.

2: 1987 Topps Tiffany #366 Mark McGwire

Stepping onto the scene in 1985 with Topps, McGwire took a hiatus from the 1986 set, making collectors wait for his epic return in the 1987 Topps edition. Not sure the reason, but hey, it happens. Here, we have a collector’s jackpot – the Tiffany version of the 1987 card. Picture this: a card with a glossy finish printed on pristine white paper – the VIP pass of baseball cards. While it’s not as rare as earlier releases, with six times as many sets (30,000 total sets), this Tiffany gem still radiates that legendary shine.

1: 1985 Topps Tiffany #401 RC

When it comes to the heavyweights of baseball cards, few can throw punches like Mickey Mantle’s legendary 1952 Topps card. But let me tell you, Mark McGwire’s 1985 Topps rookie card stepped into the ring and held its own like a champ, giving the Mick a run for his money, at least for a while. Picture this – it’s part of a subset showcasing the stars of the ’84 U.S. Olympic team, and back in the early 2000s, this rookie commanded jaw-dropping prices that could make your wallet do a double-take. The high-gloss Tiffany version? Oh boy!

Mark McGwire RCs & More

Mark McGwire RCs & More Pt. 1

Mark McGwire’s Top RCs & More

Date: Jan 17, 2024
Topics: Baseball, How To Collect, Mark McGwire
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