Brand History: Bowman’s Best

The End of the Year Brings the Best – Bowman’s Best

What do you get when incorporating the groundbreaking chrome element of Topps Finest with the revitalization of the long-dormant Bowman brand? You get Bowman’s Best. Debuting in 1994, Bowman’s Best was the link in the chrome and refractor revolution of the ’90s that kicked off with Topps Finest in 1993 and was realized with Topps Chrome in 1996. Year in and year out, Bowman’s Best offers the best prospects, rookies, and established stars in premium cards.

Debut Year: 1994
Following the success of Topps Finest, Bowman’s Best was released to continue showcasing chrome tech and the development of parallels and refractors.
Licensors: MLB
Value Level: Premium
This product presents some of the best prospects, rookies, and veteran players of the year on chrome in variety of bold, color-bursting designs.

Who is Bowman’s Best For?

Bowman’s Best is designed for Chrome Collectors who love the fine detail and artistic possibilities that chrome tech allows. Bowman’s Best features the best veterans, rookies, and prospects from Bowman’s other releases of the year in bright, bold, energetic, and exciting designs. Fans of Tops Finest should also collect Bowman’s Best.

Bowman’s Best History

Bowman’s Best launched in 1994 in response to the hobby’s excitement around the introduction of the chrome card following the success of the super-premium 1993 Topps Finest release. Bowman’s Best launched with two card designs – one subset for active players and one subset for rookies and prospects. The brand continues to roll out two subsets, with one significant change. Recognizing the fact that Bowman is the brand for prospects, prospects now receive their own subset and design, and active players and rookies are folding into a separate subset. Bowman’s Best now comes at the end of the year, highlighting all levels of baseball with the best prospects, the best rookies, and the best veteran players from the year’s Bowman releases.

Why Does Bowman’s Best Matter?

Bowman’s Best is essential to the hobby’s past and present. It helped create the Chrome boom of the ’90s, establishing the importance of chrome tech in today’s hobby. Also, the 1994 Bowman’s Best set included a complete refractor parallel set, spurring the rise of refractor collecting.

What am I Chasing in Bowman’s Best?

The chase in Bowman’s Best is all about the top rookies. You’ll also chase the on-card autos of players like Julio Rodriguez, Bobby Witt, Jr., and Oneil Cruz. And don’t forget about the prospects. Prospecting with Bowman’s Best offers a great opportunity for collectors because the prospects in the set will necessarily be the best of the best for that year.

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