Brand History: Bowman Inception

The History of Bowman Inception

Debut Year: 2013

Product debuted in 2013

Licensors: MLB

Value Level: High End

This is a high-end Product

Inception initially burst onto the baseball scene in 2013, bearing the Bowman label and strongly emphasizing emerging prospects. By 2017, it had transformed and became Topps Inception, shifting its focus primarily to rookie players and up-and-coming talents who had recently made their MLB debut. In 2021, Bowman Inception Baseball returned to the hobby scene after its last appearance in 2016.

Why Does Bowman Inception Matter? 

Bowman Inception takes the core idea of Topps Inception and adds a focus on up-and-coming players and baseball’s top prospects. Back in 2013, Inception first came out with an emphasis on young talent, and it had shifted focus to mainly featuring rookies and MLB players.

Who Is Bowman Inception For? 

Bowman Inception caters to collectors who appreciate the contemporary Inception artistry, innovative design, and vibrant aesthetics that showcase emerging baseball talent. Whether you’re a mid-range collector or someone with high-end taste, this collection provides an impressive array of autographed cards.

What Am I Chasing? 

Bowman Inception provides a thrilling pursuit dedicated to the cream of the crop among prospects. Within each seven-card box, you’re guaranteed to discover two on-card autographed cards. Notable prospects have included Jackson Holliday, Druw Jones, and Jackson Chourio.

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