Brand History: Bowman Draft

Debut Year: 2000
The top product on the market for prospects was first called Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects.
Licensors: MLB
Bowman Draft is a baseball product.
Value Level: Accessible
Preeminent product for collectors who focus on prospects.

Debuting in 2000 as Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects, Bowman Draft has developed into the premiere set to feature prospects and their first officially licensed card – Bowman Draft is the first card where prospects are featured in their MLB uniforms before they play or are even eligible to play for their Big League team. This means that Bowman Draft is comprised solely of players who have yet to make their MLB debut – so no Rookie Cards – including Chrome versions, Refractors, Parallels, Autos, and Inserts. Bowman Draft is a unique set filled with potential next-gen superstars.


Bowman Draft is a product designed for prospectors – collectors who prize prospects to find up-and-coming players before their value skyrockets – whether they’re new to The Hobby or vets. What Bowman Draft offers is the first opportunity to collect and connect with players – and their first Bowman card – over the course of their careers. Part of the appeal of Bowman Draft is the fact that you will pull prospects that have the potential of becoming the next Mike Trout, Bryce Harper, or Julio Rodriguez. It’s as much about building a relationship with a player as hitting on the first card of a future Hall of Famer.


Debuting in 2000, Bowman Draft was first known as Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. Initially produced and sold as a Factory Set that included a single Auto. Two years later, Bowman Draft discarded the Factory Set model in favor of Packs. Over the last twenty years, Bowman Draft has added Chrome cards, Refractors, Parallels, Autos, and Inserts. The biggest development, however, occurred in 2014. That year, Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects no longer included cards of players who had already made their MLB debut – eliminating RCs – and the brand’s name officially became Bowman Draft.


A player’s first pro card will always be valuable in The Hobby. Bowman Draft cards represent the first cards – and the first Bowman – for new prospects. Bowman Draft is the most prospect- heavy product on the market because it only has prospects! These cards represent the first in a potentially years-long relationship with a player and their cards.


The Chase Cards for Bowman Draft are the 1st Bowman Chrome Autos. These cards represent the first Auto and first Chrome editions of highly touted prospects. For example, the top chase cards from the 2021 class included Marcelo Mayer, Henry Davis, and Jordan Lawlar. Look for top prospects Jackson Holliday, and Kumar Rocker in the 2022 class.


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