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Top Five Mandalorian & Grogru Cards to Collect

Date: May 3, 2024
Author: Patrick Mandac
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Picture this: a space saga with a wild-west twist, where our hero, the Mandalorian, roams the galaxy with his trusty sidekick, Grogu, a pint-sized Force-wielder with big ears and an even bigger heart. Yep, we’re talking about The Mandalorian, the Star Wars Disney+ series that’s part space adventure, part spaghetti western. And guess what? Their epic journey isn’t just on screen, it’s immortalized in trading cards too! So, grab your blaster and saddle up as we count down the top five Mandalorian and Grogu cards that capture all the thrills and adorable moments from this part of the galaxy.

#5: 2022 Topps Finest Star Wars #118 The Mandalorian Red Refractor /5

 In a scene straight out of a classic western, our protagonist, the Mandalorian Din Djarin, showing the essence of cool as he leans casually against the weathered bar, bathed in the warm glow of dim lighting. With a nonchalant posture and an air of quiet confidence, ever vigilant and prepared for whatever dangers may lurk in the shadows. This extraordinary card from Topps Finest captures every detail of his rugged demeanor, from the worn texture of his beskar armor to the subtle gleam of his trusty blaster at his side. With it being the red refractor /5 and featuring the Mando in a pose seen across many western tropes it makes the list as a must have for the core of collecting the Mandalorian.

#4: 2023 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Chrome #44 Wing Man

In the confined space of the Razor Crest’s cockpit, Mando and Grogu’s bond grew. The name of the card “Wing Man” as the Mandalorian is usually working solo, he now has a counterpart by his side that he truly cares about. This card captures the essence of their unique relationship forged in beskar through countless moments shared navigating through the galaxy. It serves as a reminder, as much as we go through life on our own, we could always use a buddy by our side to keep us balanced.  

#3: 2019 Topps Now Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 1 #20 Leaving the Village

The Child, affectionately known as Grogu or Baby Yoda, stole the hearts of fans worldwide, swiftly ascending to the status of fan favorite. This Topps Now card masterfully encapsulates Grogu’s endearing innocence and childlike wonder, showcasing why he became the standout star of the show. With every detail meticulously crafted, from his adorable expressions to his undeniable charm, this card serves as a timeless tribute to the irresistibly lovable character that captured the essence of Star Wars fandom.

#2: 2021 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Chrome Mandalorian Visions #NM-1 known as Mando with Grogu Orange Refractor /25

Included in the 2021 Topps Star Wars Galaxy Chrome set are the highly anticipated Mandalorian Visions Inserts, a collection that deserves honorable mention in its entirety. Among these coveted inserts, one stands out as the undisputed fan favorite: #NM-1, affectionately dubbed ‘Mandalorian with Grogu’ by enthusiasts. This insert series skyrocketed to popularity thanks to its stunning art designs, perfectly timed to coincide with the peak of The Mandalorian’s fame. Centered around a touching scene featuring Din Djarin and Grogu at the steps of the Razor Crest, it serves as the essential introductory card to the series, capturing the essence of their captivating journey together.

#1: 2022 Topps Chrome Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Edition #SB-14 A Clan of Two (Short Print)

In this heart-wrenching moment between Din and Grogu, emotions run high as we bid farewell to our beloved duo. This rare card captures the touching scene of Din Jarin revealing his face for the first time, as he reluctantly parts ways with Grogu, entrusting him to Luke Skywalker. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions for any Mando fan, with Luke’s return adding to the intensity of the moment. A true collector’s gem, this card is a must-have for any Star Wars collector for the heart breaking emotion it brings to anyone having to say bye to a close friend. It was an easy choice for this to be #1 on this list.

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