Inside the Box: 2023 Bowman University Chrome® Football

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Date: Oct 19, 2023
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2023 Bowman University Chrome Football is back, featuring players from some of the top programs in the country.

As you gear up to compete the 200-card base set featuring a lineup of the most exciting young talent in the FBS and chase autos from players including Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Shadeur Sanders, Marvin Harrison, Jr., and more, let’s find out what’s inside the box.

What Am I Chasing in 2023 Bowman University Chrome Football?

1st Bowman Cards

If we’re talking Bowman, we’re chasing 1st Bowman cards. And 2023 Bowman University Chrome Football offers up some fantastic 1st Bowman cards for every collector to chase. The big names to prospect include Marvin Harrison, Jr., Drake Maye, Shadeur Sanders, Raheim Sanders, Travis Hunter, Carson Beck, and Roman Wilson.

Heisman Hopefuls

One of the dopest parts of collecting 2023 Bowman University Chrome is being able to chase the Heisman hopefuls in real time! This season, get ready to chase Michael Penix Jr., Dillon Gabriel, JJ McCarthy, Jordan Travis, Drake Maye, Bo Nix, and Caleb Williams.


2023 Bowman University Chrome Football keeps it strictly varsity with its all-American inserts. These include: Saturday Superstars; Bowman Unexpected Delights Early Risers; 1955 Bowman FootballPulling from the early days of Bowman, build the entire set of young phenoms on this classic 1955 Bowman design; Ramblin’ Man – The most elusive, athletic, hole-hitting, ball-spiking skill players ramblin’ their way around the field get their moment to shine; and the Hobby and Breaker exclusive The Big Kahuna.

Now that you know what’s Inside the Box, it’s time to grab one.

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