Behind the Design: 2023 Bowman University Chrome® Football

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Date: Oct 11, 2023
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In the vivid and ever-evolving world of sports card collecting, Bowman U Chrome has punctuated itself as the premier college football product, a tangible prelude to the burgeoning careers of future NFL stars. The shiny, meticulously designed cards don’t just capture athletes in action; they freeze moments of raw, unbridled potential and talent yet to grace the NFL stages.

Adam Schwartz, the Art Director at Topps, candidly shared the inspiration behind the 2023 design, emphasizing a player-centric approach. “We wanted to create a dynamic and exciting design that allows the players to stand out and be the main focal point,” he expressed, highlighting the intricacies and thought processes behind every design choice that helps elevate the new faces of college football onto a visually spectacular pedestal.

New Recipes

Topps has masterfully navigated the challenge of crafting a refreshingly new product that maintains the cherished aesthetic of their past offerings. With Schwartz admitting, “This is the first time that we created a new design for the university products,” it’s clear that this year’s Bowman U Chrome heralds a new era, exploring and intertwining the youthfulness and exuberance of college football stars with a uniquely bespoke visual identity, thereby distinguishing it from their MLB counterparts.

It’s not just about capturing the athletes but encapsulating their journey, potential, and the pulsating energy of college football within a compact visual spectacle. “That subset has a comic book theme which makes the players look like superheroes,” Schwartz spoke of the ”Saturday Superstars’Superstars’ design, one among the many that have been intricately crafted not just to highlight but to amplify the narratives of these rising stars, ensuring that each card is not just a collectible but a vibrant chapter of an unfolding story.


Amidst the glistening finishes and dazzling visuals, Bowman U Chrome becomes a window into future narratives, offering collectors a card and a connection to the player and their journey right from their college days. By intertwining team colors and logos, Schwartz noted the intentional effort to encapsulate a sense of team identity in each card. These aren’t just cards; they’re gateways to the tales of future league icons, reflecting their origins, triumphs, and journeys, heralding the arrival of a new generation of stars who might, one day, find their names etched alongside the legends of the game. Thus, each pack opened and each card revealed isn’t merely an addition to a collection but a first glimpse into a future with boundless possibilities.

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