What 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball Box is Right for You?

Official Guide to 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball Products

Date: Dec 11, 2023
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2023 Bowman Draft Baseball returns December 12th, and there are two products you can purchase to suit your collecting style.

2023 Bowman Draft Baseball rolls out the red carpet for another stellar prospect class – plus the 1st Bowman of an all-time great. Build the 200-card Base Set featuring fresh draft picks, and top current prospects throughout the MLB pipeline.

Prepare for base set chrome parallels and amazing inserts, including Transformative Talents, Draft Picks & Prospects, Bowman ’54 Flag Variation, ’23 Bowman Draft Glass, Mood Ring, and, of course, Dream Draft Picks featuring Tom Brady. Dream Draft Picks asks a major “What if…?” question, pondering an alternate sports reality where Tom Brady played baseball for the Expos.

Overwhelming? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered by looking at each product configuration below.

Get ready to grab your perfect 2023 Bowman Draft box!

2023 Bowman Draft Baseball – Hobby Box

The 2023 Bowman Draft Hobby Box is perfect for the more traditional prospector. This box offers various base cardsparallels, and inserts. It also guarantees three auto cards and one chrome base card sky blue parallel per box. Be on the hunt for Base Set and Base Set Chrome Parallels, including Orange Border Parallel #’d to 25 exclusive to Hobby Boxes, Aqua/Pink Gradient Border Parallel #’d/199, and Yellow Lunar Crater Parallel #’d to 75 exclusive to Hobby Boxes. Additionally, you’ll find the hobby-only Sky Blue Reflector Parallel, and Base Set Chrome Prospector’s Special Die-Cute.

2023 Bowman Draft Baseball – Super Jumbo Box

The 2023 Bowman Draft Baseball Super Jumbo Box is for the collector who is serious about prospecting. Each Super Jumbo Box contains five autos. In addition to that, each pack includes 120 cards, with five packs in a box. These jumbo packs have 76 2023 Bowman Draft base cards, 33 Chrome base cards, eight Chrome base Refractor Parallel cards, one Transformative Talent Insert card, one Draft Picks & Prospects Insert card, and one auto.

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