Brand History: UEFA Topps Now

Debut Year: 2018
TOPPS NOW began for the UEFA license at the start of the 2018-19 season. F1 TOPPS NOW followed in 2020.
UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Europa Conference League, UEFA Women’s Champions League, Formula 1®, ECB, Club Deals
Value Level: Accessible
TOPPS NOW is priced at market value for a single card(s), including shipping costs. This product also includes pricing incentive for buying in bulk.

TOPPS NOW brings you real-time cards from the biggest sporting moments! Your Team, Your Heroes, Your Cards!

Topps Now debuted in the US with Major League Baseball, before coming to Europe and featuring in online releases of Premier League, UEFA, Bundesliga and Formula 1, plus lots of other sports and entertainment licenses. A huge innovation in the Hobby, TOPPS NOW gives collectors the chance to own a card of a particular moment or event almost immediately. Amazing goal? Landmark appearance? Record-breaker? TOPPS NOW has all of these covered.

What is TOPPS NOW For?

TOPPS NOW is an accessible product for everyone. It’s a great entry point for new collectors into the ‘Hobby’ while appealing to the veteran collector. It allows collectors to engage with their favourite players and teams as the sporting drama unfolds throughout a season. For example, when Viní Jr scored in the UEFA Champions League final, you can purchase that TOPPS NOW card soon after the moment. Look out for great wins, memorable moments and career milestones from the biggest athletes in the world! TOPPS NOW cards are available for a limited time so you have to be quick, but you will be rewarded with beautifully produced cards of an iconic moment shipped straight to your door.

Topps Now History

Topps Now debuted in 2016 for Major League Baseball and was a huge success from the moment it launched. Cards for WWE, UEFA, F1®, ECB and MLS amongst others followed and have firmly established TOPPS NOW as an established brand in ‘the hobby’. Topps also look out for cultural moments which will make interesting and quirky cards such as a racoon running onto an MLS field, and even the coronation of King Charles III!

What am I chasing?

Look out for low print runs (published after each release on, these cards have the best chance to sell or trade after release, or you can find numbered parallels with lucky orders. This means you may get an ultra-rare card along with the base card that you have ordered. For those extra-special moments, there are sometimes autograph versions of the cards to purchase directly.

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