Brand History: Topps Five Star Baseball

The History Behind Topps Five Star Baseball

Debut Year: 2012
First Released in 2012
Licensors: MLB
Value Level: High End
A high-end product for collectors

Topps Five Star, initially a football brand, debuted in the baseball world in 2012 and has always been a hit-centric product emphasizing autographs and relics. Initially, it featured just one base card, three autograph cards, one relic, and one auto relic. However, in 2014, the product evolved into what it is today—an offering focused on delivering unique autograph and autograph relic cards in a streamlined, quick-rip format.

Who is Topps Five Star For? 

Autograph Collectors, this product has a wide range of different signers, featuring multiple technologies and ink colors to give a lot of differentiation and variety in the autographs pulled. 

What’s New in 2023 Topps Five Star Baseball? 

Five Star Quintuple Relic Card – single player autographs featuring five different unique relic pieces

Why Does Topps Five Star Matter?

It’s hit centric, and features many unique autograph cards leveraging acetate, jumbo relics, and different color ink to create unique autograph cards.

What Am I Chasing in Topps Five Star?

Jumbo Auto Relics, Autographs featuring Gold and Silver ink, Five Star Quintuple Auto Relic, Five Stars Autograph Relic Book.


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