National Walk Month: Pitcher Edition

Five Pitchers Who’ve Recorded the Most Walks

Date: May 26, 2023
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Last week, we honored the five batters who commanded respect by topping the walk charts. But now, it’s time to switch gears and shine the spotlight on the fiery pitchers who’ve made their mark through a different kind of dominance—by racking up the most walks in MLB history. These audacious hurlers have mastered the art of unpredictability, keeping hitters on their toes and fans on the edge of their seats. With a touch of spice and a pinch of longevity, they’ve etched their names in baseball lore. Let’s check out their last active Topps trading cards.

National Walk Month
1993 Topps #700

1. Nolan Ryan: 2,795 Walks

When you’re the league leader in seasons played (27) and ranked fifth in innings pitched (5,183), you’re bound to have walked a batter or 2,795. Shoutout to Nolan Ryan on a Hall of Fame career littered with top-five placements.

National Walk Month
1987 Topps #718

2. Steve Carlton: 1,833 Walks

Like Nolan Ryan, Steve Carlton accumulated a lot of miles—24 seasons in the Bigs. His 5,217.2 innings pitched rank ninth all-time in MLB history. And just like Ryan, this four-time Cy Young winner earned himself a well-deserved bust in Cooperstown and a spot on our prestigious list—1,833 walks.

National Walk Month
1987 Topps #694

3. Phil Niekro: 1,809 Walks

3,342 strikeouts. 318 wins. 24 seasons. And the wickedest knuckleball baseball’s ever seen. Phil Niekro’s spot on this list should be no surprise, but 1,809 walks actually seems pretty tame.

National Walk Month
1962 Topps #385

4. Early Wynn: 1,775 Walks

As a youth growing up in the Florida Panhandle, Early Wynn earned 10 cents an hour, hauling 500 bales of cotton after school. His journey from humble beginnings to the Big Leagues is a true embodiment of the American Dream. With determination and skill, he joined the elite 300-win club and secured his place among the legendary Hall of Famers on our walks list.

1956 Topps #200

5. Bob Feller: 1,764 Walks

When fellow Big Leaguer Ted Lyons was asked about Bob Feller, he remarked, “It wasn’t until you hit against him that you knew how fast he really was, until you saw with your own eyes that ball jumping at you.” Translation: Feller’s blazing fastball instilled fear in batters, causing them to tremble in their boots and avoid his pitches, which ultimately played a significant role in securing his place on this list.


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