Jim Callis Talks 2023 Bowman Chrome International Prospects

Ethan Salas -C
Sand Diego Padres

Callis Says: “I can’t remember an international prospect as exciting as Ethan Salas. He’s the consensus number-one prospect. The set is crazy. He’s a catcher who has a chance to have four plus tools. It’s crazy how well he runs a staff for a 17-year-old. He could be like what we’re seeing Adley Rutschman do the Orioles. He’s got that kind of upside where he can make a huge impact on both sides of the ball. ”

Felnin Celesten – SS
Seattle Mariners

Callis says: “Celesten has one of the highest international shortstop ceilings we’ve seen in years. He’s the consensus number two prospect in this year’s international class, right behind Salas. He’s a potential 30 home run shortstop. I think he’s Seattle’s long-term answer at the shortstop position.”

Joendry Vargas – SS
Los Angeles Dodgers

Callis says: “Vargas could be a franchise shortstop. On both sides of the ball, he was one of the best prospects on the international market this year. He’s a pretty complete package defensively. He’s got actions, range, arm strength, and a good internal clock at shortstop. The guy he reminds me of is Corey Seeger.”

Alfredo Duno – C
Cincinnati Reds

Callis Says: “There’s a couple of things that stick out about Duno. In most years, he would have been the best catching prospect in the international class, but he’s a little bit overshadowed by Salas. Potential 30-homer power. He has strength and bat speed, and he’s going to get stronger.

Brandon Mayea – OF
New York Yankees

Callis Says: “Mayea really became a target and priority for the Yankees. He has incredible bat speed. He prompts a lot of Gary Sheffield comparisons. Bat speed sticks out, but this guy could have plus or better tools across the board. This guy has got one the highest ceilings in this year’s international crop.”

Jun-Seok Shim – P
Pittsburgh Pirates

Callis Says: “Most top international pitchers sign when they’re a little bit older. Shim is the exception. He would have been a high draft pick in the Korean Baseball Organization draft, but he wanted to come play in the US. His fastball reminds observers of Gerrit Cole’s fastball.”

Camilo Diaz – SS
Houston Astros

Callis says: “He has some of the best all-around tools in this year’s international class. He’s got arm strength to play anywhere. The Astros – I don’t know what their secret sauce is – get more players to reach their ceiling or sometimes exceed it. If they can polish up the bat and get the most out of his power, Diaz could be a really, really exciting player.”

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