Introducing… The Golden Mirror Image Variation

Series 1 Offers New Chase Card

Date: Feb 15, 2023
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Of all the world’s precious metals, none is as alluring – and illustrious – than gold. For most of human civilization, gold has been a universal signifier of wealth, status, and power. So it’s only fitting that one of the most exciting (and limited) new chase cards in 2023 bears this historic hue: the Golden Mirror.

The back of a 2023 Julio Rodriguez Golden Mirror card from Series 1 Baseball

The Golden Mirror is a super short print (SSP) card, with an extremely limited print run. All 330 players in the Series 1 base set have Golden Mirror cards, and each is distinguished from the base set by an image variation on the front a golden artwork on the back. The back also features a gold-foil “SSP” stamp.

2023 Series 1: Base Card vs Golden Mirror

Golden Mirror cards are differentiated from base cards by an image variation on the front and “SSP” stamped in gold on the back.

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