Grader Notes to Enhance PSA’s Grading Service

Customers will learn why cards received a certain grade

Date: Jul 2, 2024
Author: Michael Terry
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The leaders in third-party grading have launched a game-changing service. Last week, Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) added more transparency to its customers, allowing them to receive more detailed grading notes on their submitted trading cards.

Per the PSA website: “By popular demand, report cards have arrived at PSA. Introducing Grader Notes, a new feature that brings clarity to grade reveals by detailing the card defects detected during grading and authentication.”

Grader notes will be provided to collectors at no additional cost. Once the card grading process is complete, the client will be able to access details about the key categories upon which a grade is determined, such as corner bending, edge fraying, surface discoloration, and card centering.

In order to take advantage of this new feature, customers simply fill out an online card submission.  PSA’s recent post informs users that they can determine whether or not a submission is available for detailed grader notes simply by registering the presence of the grader notes icon during the submission process. 

For starters, PSA is making grader notes available to all trading cards submitted at the Express level or higher. This includes the more expensive Super-Express and Walkthrough levels of grading.

During the first rollout phase, grader notes will not be available for reholder service submissions or autograph-only submissions. Additionally, for the time being, grader notes will only be available to customers submitting through the U.S. and Canada websites.

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