Topps Dutch Auction FAQs

Everything You Need to Know About Topps Dutch Auctions

Dutch Auction

/dəCH äkSH(ə)n/

A way of pricing high-demand, low-supply products – in this case, trading cards. Rather than Topps setting a fixed price, a Dutch Auction allows the market (you) to set the price. Dutch Auctions represent an effective way of determining the true market value of a product.


  • How does it work?
    • When the auction begins, the product will be available for sale at a starting price set in advance by Topps and clearly visible on the page. After a set period of time, for example, five minutes, the price will decrease by a set interval, and customers can purchase at that new, lower price. While both the amount and time intervals at which the price decreases will vary by product, the price will continue to decrease until the product either sells out, until the auction time runs out, or until the auction reaches the floor price. In some cases, the floor price may not be visible to the customer. With each price decrease, customers will have the opportunity to purchase at the new price.

      Once the auction begins, you are free to buy at any time, subject to the Auction Terms, including eligibility requirements, which can be found here. If you place your order early in the auction, you will have a greater chance of successfully purchasing before the product sells out, but you will also pay a higher price. If you wait until later in the auction, you’ll pay a lower price, but you run the risk of missing out if the product sells out before you place your order. Only a limited number of boxes will be available for sale, and once the product sells out, the auction will end
  • Who can participate?
    • You must be 18 years of age or older (or the age of majority where you live, whichever is greater) and have an active account. Other eligibility requirements can be found in the Auction Terms here.
  • What does “floor price” price mean?
    • The floor price is the minimum price the product will sell for. The product may sell out before the auction reaches the floor price, as supplies are limited. However, if it does not sell out at a higher price, the auction will end after the floor price is reached.

      In some cases, there may not be a floor price visible on the page. In that case, the price that the auction reaches when the timer ends will be the “implied” floor price of the auction.
  • When does the auction end?
    • The auction will end once the product is sold out, the timer runs out, OR the floor price is reached. If the product sells out in a few minutes, the auction will end quickly. It all depends on how the market (you) values the product and the number of people who choose to purchase at each price point.
  • Is there a way to guarantee I’ll get the product?
    • The best way to ensure you get the product is to place your order early in the auction process. Each time the price drops, more people are likely to make a purchase. And since a limited number of boxes are available for sale, the longer you wait, the higher the chance the product will sell out.
  • Do I need a Topps account to participate?
    • Yes. To participate, you will need a Topps account, and you will need to be logged into that account to participate in the auction.

      If you do not currently have a Topps account, you can create one here.
  • When will my boxes ship?
    • We will begin shipping orders shortly after the auction ends.
  • Can I use a discount code, coupon, or other offer?
    • No, discount codes cannot be used in the auction. Currently, Topps Now coupons can be used if the product in the auction is a Topps Now branded product. This is subject to change in the future per Topps’ discretion.


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