How to Collect: Notable Series 1 Baseball Cover Athletes, Pt. 2

Some of the Best Cover Athletes in Series 1 History

Date: Feb 7, 2024
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Since 1993, there’s been a prestigious honor akin to landing on the cover of a video game. It’s the Topps Series 1 cover athlete, and much like the coveted Madden cover, it’s a symbol of being at the pinnacle of the game during your prime but for trading cards. To grace the cover of Topps Series 1 is to step into the spotlight during your career’s crowning glory, to seize a moment when your year and career shine bright. It’s not just about the cardboard; it’s about the magic and the memories, making it a goal every baseball player aspires to achieve. So, let’s journey through the years, reliving some of the most iconic cover athletes who have left an enduring mark on the sport and hobby.

Top Series 1 Cover Athletes, Pt. 2

2024 Topps Series 1

2018 Topps Series 1: Mike Trout

Many see Trout as the best player of the 2010s. And that’s hard to argue with the future Hall of Famer earning All-Star spots from 2012-20. In 2017, the multi-time AL MVP enjoyed another remarkable year, topping 30 homers for the fourth time. The results? The cover of 2018 Topps Series 1. Trout is a true living legend.

2024 Topps Series 1

2010 Topps Series 1: Albert Puljos

As of 2024, Puljos’ claim for the Hall of Fame is all but set in bronze. In 2009, the slugger was still making a case for his spot in Cooperstown. He led the NL in homers (47), runs scored (124), and swiped the cover spot for 2010 Topps Series 1. All Hail King Albert! Talk about making a statement.

2024 Topps Series 1

1999 Topps Series 1: Nolan Ryan

Reverence for Nolan Ryan stayed intact long after his playing days. Six years after he fired his last Major League fastball, the Hall of Fame hurler made the Topps Series 1 cover. Humans may not last forever, but greatness does.

2024 Topps Series 1

1997 Topps Series 1: Willie Mays

The 1997 Topps Series 1 cover is arguably the coolest on this list for several reasons. Mays, a Hall of Famer, shares the cover with his godson, fellow baseball legend Barry Bonds. We’re suckers for cute sports moments, and this takes the cake as one of the best. Imagine the conversation between these two when they discovered they’d share a Topps cover. Legendary.

1993 Topps Series 1: Ken Griffey Jr.

Arguably the most popular player of the ’90s, Griffey Jr. made an All-Star team every season from 1990 to 2000. In 1992, “The Kid” earned his third consecutive Gold Glove and continued serving as a beacon of cool for the next generation of baseball players. Topps jumped on the train the following season and put Griffey Jr. on the cover of its 1993 Series 1 product—a smart move if we do say so ourselves.

Notable Series 1 Baseball Cover Athletes, Pt. 1

Notable Series 1 Baseball Cover Athletes, Pt. 1

Top Topps Series 1 Baseball Cover Athletes

Date: Feb 7, 2024
Topics: 2024 Topps Series 1, Baseball, How To Collect
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