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Meet the Project70® Artist

Date: Jan 26, 2024
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Alex Pardee is an artist, illustrator, world-builder, and now baseball card designer as part of the roster for Topps Project70.

Pardee explores a style he has named “Brightmares,” combining the concepts and imagery of “bright” and “nightmares.” His work with Topps has taken the hobby and art world by storm, becoming one of Project70’s best-selling artists.

“When Topps asked me if I wanted to do an entire line of real athletes, my first response was no! I can’t do that,” Pardee recalled. “But then instantly, I remembered what Topps meant to me. I remembered the opportunity that I have to be creative in a project like this, so I took on the challenge.”

Check out the entire interview below to hear Alex Pardee share how art has played a therapeutic role in his life and how discovering Garbage Pail Kids and horror comics when he was young has influenced his approach as a creative.

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