Behind the Design: 2024 Topps Baseball Series 2

Behind the Design of Series 2

Date: Jun 12, 2024
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The 2024 Topps Baseball Series 2 is set to impress collectors with its evolved designs and innovative elements. We had the pleasure of speaking with Austin Natowitz, a Topps Graphic Designer, who gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process and inspirations for this highly anticipated set.

Enhancing Recipes

Natowitz emphasized the importance of building upon the foundation laid by Series 1. “The key for Series 2 is to evolve things from Series 1,” he explained. “For example, I made the Baseball Stars Auto & Dual Auto for Series 1. Evolving it into the Triple Auto for Series 2 while maintaining the original feel is the cornerstone of Series 2 for me.” When asked about the team’s favorite design to work on, Natowitz highlighted the 40/70 cards. “My personal favorite was the 40/70 cards because it’s cool to make a commemorative card for the historic season that Acuña had last year,” he shared. The 40/70 cards are a Ronald Acuña Jr. exclusive insert, commemorating his MVP season in which he became the first player to hit 40 homers and steal 70 bases in a single season. The design aimed to reflect the magnitude of Acuña’s performance, making it big and bombastic to match his personality.

The inspiration behind the insert cards also drew from the players and their stories. For the City to City inserts, Natowitz cleverly incorporated airport codes into the background maps, ensuring they stood out while keeping the player in the visual forefront. “I kept the Topo map lines going through the code,” he explained, blending elements seamlessly. The Rounding the Bases Relics focused on making the relic the card’s visual core, with design elements radiating outwards, emphasizing the relic’s importance. Choosing color schemes and typography is a thoughtful process for Natowitz. “It completely depends on what the goal of the card is,” he said. He uses color and typography to convey the desired mood, whether elegant, refined, bold, or powerful.

The Process

Maintaining a balance between classic and new elements is crucial. “A lot of studying of the older cards, figuring out what makes them tick, then figuring out how to bring that into the present,” Natowitz stated. Technology plays a significant role in the design process. “For instance, on foilboard cards, hitting specific points of the cards to create more dynamic colors, like making a flat red into more of a Coke Can look,” he revealed, showcasing the importance of technical precision in achieving the desired visual effects.

Collaboration within the design team is also vital. Natowitz shared that understanding the technical aspects of card production allows the team to effectively evoke desired feelings through their designs. This collaborative spirit and attention to detail are what make the 2024 Topps Baseball Series 2 a standout collection. In summary, the 2024 Topps Baseball Series 2 is a testament to thoughtful design evolution, creative inspiration, and the seamless blend of tradition and innovation.

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