Behind the Design: 2023 Topps Chrome Black Baseball

Topps Chrome Black Releases Its Latest Chapter

Date: Dec 18, 2023
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In a conversation with Topps Art Director Adam Schwartz, we delved deep into the exciting world of designing the 2023 Topps Chrome Black baseball card set. Schwartz generously shared his creative insights, giving us a sneak peek into what makes these cards unique.

When we asked about any cool tech or printing innovations for this year’s release, Schwartz was upfront, saying, “We didn’t go crazy with new tech, but we did introduce something awesome – the Ivory Autograph Card. It’s this standout all-white card in a sea of black, making it impossible to miss.”

Obstacles & Innovation

Regarding the design challenges unique to Chrome Black, Schwartz explained, “Designing Topps Chrome Black is a bit of a puzzle. The dark colors we use can sometimes overshadow the chrome tech more than the lighter shades in regular Topps Chrome. So our mission is to keep the cards mostly black while letting that shiny chrome technology really pop.”

As for player input, Schwartz clarified, “For this project, the player images don’t affect the design as much. That’s because there are no natural backgrounds; all the player images are silhouetted or cut out, giving the cards a sleek, modern look.”

While Schwartz didn’t spill the beans on specific player autographs or rare hits this time, collectors are undoubtedly on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting those surprises.

Chrome’d Out

Balancing a modern look with a touch of nostalgia is no easy feat in design. Schwartz shared his approach, saying, “Chrome Black doesn’t have that deep nostalgia factor yet. But as we’ve been at it year after year, I always review the designs from the previous year and try to come up with fresh ideas. The goal is to make each year feel new and different so collectors can easily tell them apart.”

Our conversation with Topps Art Director Adam Schwartz offered a glimpse into the world of designing the 2023 Topps Chrome Black baseball card set. Crafting these collectibles is both an art and a science.

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