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2023 NL All-Star Walk-Up Songs

Date: Jul 6, 2023
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Get ready to crank up the volume as the National League All-Stars step up to the plate. These diamond dynamos bring not only their A-games but also their carefully curated walk-up songs to electrify the stadium with one power chord after another. From power-hitting sluggers to fireball-throwing pitchers, each player’s chosen anthem hits all the right notes and sets the stage for a grand slam performance. Get your air guitar ready and join us as we dive into the NL All-Stars’ walk-up songs.

2023 NL All-Stars

Catcher: Sean Murphy, Atlanta Braves – Paul Wall & Big Pokey, “Sittin Sidewayz”

What it Dew?! Murphy, the Atlanta Braves rising star and first-year sensation, is solidifying his place among Braves catching legends with his 2023 All-Star selection. Following in the footsteps of Del Crandall, Joe Torre, Javy Lopez, and Brian McCann, Murphy brings his own swagger to the plate. With a confident strut and the sounds of Texas legends Paul Wall and Big Pokey’s “Sittin’ Sidewayz” blasting through the stadium speakers, the first-time All-Star sets the tone for his at-bats. Like his musical choices, his performance speaks volumes, boasting 13 home runs this season.

2023 NL All-Stars

First Baseman: Freddie Freeman, Los Angeles Dodgers – Bad Bunny, “Tití Me Preguntó”

Freeman earned his first All-Star nod since joining the Dodgers and his fourth of his career in 2023. The playmaker and first LAD first baseman to be selected to the All-Star Game since Steve Garvey in 1980 calls upon his son, Charlie, to choose his walk-up songs, and Charlie has a taste for Latin hits. It’s Bad Bunny’s World, and we’re all living in it.

2023 NL All-Stars

Second Baseman: Luis Arraez, Miami Marlins – Angel Dior, “A I O”

When I stumbled upon Angel Dior’s infectious hit song “A I O” on YouTube, I was left in awe. With over 47 million views in just nine months, it’s clear that this track is a bona fide smash hit. And speaking of hits, Arraez, currently leading the MLB in batting average and OBP, is finding his own success on the field. Perhaps the entire Marlins roster should consider adopting “A I O” as their walk-up jam, as the results speak for themselves!

Third Base: Nolan Arenado, St. Louis Cardinals – Pusha T & Kanye West, “Dreamin’ of the Past”

Arenado grabbed the starting NL third base spot for the fifth time in six years. Even if he’s Dreamin’ of the Past, the current and future seem to hold the same fortunes. More All-Star appearances and accolades that’ll lead him to a comfortable seat in Cooperstown.

Shortstop: Orlando Arcia, Atlanta Braves – Chencho Corleone, Chris Jedi, Anuel AA & Ñengo Flow, “La Llevo Al Cielo”

Arcia beat out Francisco Lindor, Xander Bogaerts, Trea Turner, and Dansby Swanson for the NL’s starting shortstop spot, earning his first All-Star nod. The 28-year-old stud chose Chencho Corleone, Chris Jedi, Anuel AA, Ñengo Flow x La Llevo Al Cielo, which has over 230 million views on YouTube. A smash hit!

Designated Hitter: J.D. Martinez, Los Angeles Dodgers – Rick Ross, “Hustlin'”

My dad calls me every morning, playing Rick Ross’ “Hustlin’.” The methods might be a little extra, but I get it. Every day is Hustlin’. As a three-time All-Star, Martinez exemplifies hustlin’ to get what he wants. He’s already hit more RBIs than last year and is a key piece on a Dodgers team that promises to make the NL West race interesting. He hustles real hard!

Outfield: Ronald Acuna, Atlanta Braves – Rochy Rd, “Fiesta & Calle”

Sorry, but we had to choose the Outkast ATLiens-inspired Topps Ronald Acuña card for this list. The album is a crucial part of hip-hop history and one of the best LPs of all time. Acuña’s on pace for a career year and led all players in votes during Phase 1, leading to an automatic spot. It makes sense, as he’s leading the NL in OPS and is on pace to put up eye-popping numbers in homers and stolen bases. “Fiesta & Calle” is an excellent choice from the Venezuelan native and MVP candidate. If Acuña keeps pace with his other-worldly numbers, he should go with “Elevators (Me & You)” as his walk-up song next season.

Outfield: Mookie Betts, Los Angeles Dodgers – Nipsey Hussle, “Hussle and Motivate”

Betts embraced Los Angeles after joining the Dodgers, as evidenced by his song choice. “Hussle and Motivate” is a bonafide classic from the late-great LA rapper Nipsey Hussle. This is Betts’ seventh consecutive All-Star start, so it’s safe to say he’s been doing a lot of hustling and motivating at the park.

Outfield: Corbin Carroll, Arizona Diamondbacks – Metro Boomin & Travis Scott, “Overdue”

Arizona was overdue. Before Corbin Carroll jumped to the Bigs and strutted his stuff, the organization had never had one of its rookies earn an All-Star starting nod. The Seattle native gets to make history in his hometown and is dominating the MLB, totaling 17 homers and 24 swiped bags over 78 games. Aren’t we all suckers for feel-good stories? The Diamondbacks were overdue.

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